My issues with some mechanics


Okay, I’m not one to really complain, but I have encountered a few mechanics that really bug me and either seem unfair or too punishing.

  1. AI Stealth Detection - This is a big one. It’s happened to me through bot monsters and the Wraith’s decoy. When a player or myself go into stealth, the monsters will take a guess hit or charge that is extremely close to where you stealth. If you are hit, you get knocked back and revealed. This gives the AI monsters a big advantage as they will always know where you are. Here is a big example:

When a player used his Decoy, I used stealth and started to move away to avoid taking damage as it was coming at me and my ally. The decoy attacked my position with a wide swing, throwing me into the air. The decoy then warped to my landing location, hit me again, and sent me flying again. He proceeded to warp a SECOND time, hitting me again while I was in the air, incapping me, all while stealthed.

2- Wall-pinning - This is a big thing that happens with Goliath and Wraith. It’s usually the player’s fault for moving between a wall and the monster, but sometimes the area makes it inevitable. The monster will use an ability or cleave you into a wall, then run towards you, wailing on you until you get incapped.

There isn’t a way to get out of the pin, as jumping to the side or upwards is blocked by the monster model most of the time, and sometimes pinned players are out of fuel and just have to take a beating. Hunters can’t peel unless they are Hank with an orbital in an open area, or the monster has no armor and is taking heavy damage from the other hunters. Overall, it feels punishing for something you can’t avoid once it’s happened.

3- Stealth pouncing a Stealthed guy - This takes both luck and timing, but it happens. If a player stealths nearby, the monster can easily attack or use a wide ability to reveal the stealthed player, and then pounce them. While it isn’t a problem when the team is alive, it’s rough when there are just one or two players still alive and trying to escape. There is no hope when you are hit and revealed.

Also, Wraith pouncing you while it’s stealthed, it happens a lot, it’s annoying, but it’s an intended part of her kit.