My issues with daisy


I’m sure that most people would agree that daisy should run away if she is by herself instead of just standing there, staring at the monster as it eats her alive. Also, once MAGGIE is dead, daisy just stands where maggie died so she is completely worthless until maggie comes back. I played as Parnell with maggie on my team and we lost just because daisy stared at a stage 3 goliath. Could someone please fix this issue.


I think it’s intentional. Daisy is a tool of Maggie, and thus should be useless without her.


Ok so how about if maggie dies, she can take control over daisy. There fixed.


We have discussed that before, but I don’t know what the Devs said.


Btw I was serious about that.


This. So much.

Daisy essentially like removing a tool slot. The bumper button doesn’t do anything when you press it. They should give Daisy some options when you press it. Like once for staying in an area. Again to come to Maggie’s side.

And when Maggie is dead, jeez, let her control Daisy…otherwise, it just delays the inevitable or really just annoys players.