My Issue with Sunny

Just play wraith in hit and run mode. If you brawl you’re gonna have a bad time.

the way drone works is it will shield hunters only AFTER they take damage,also another thing is that shield drone will only shield after it has reached 100%.

you can exploit this, you can go to ham on a hunter for 10 seconds after knowing the shield drone is deployed, then focus the shield drone, or if someone is low health and its not shielded, go for a very one go burst ability like rock throw,lighting strike,wraith blast,or lava bomb, you will kill this hunter and the drone will shield a downed player.

another way is to force hunters to fight away from the drone, or right under the pillar where the drone will lose LoS from the hunters, this will force sunny to put a new drone.

in other words, the shield drone is a legacy noob-hank.

acid spit dosent destroy deployables anymore.

You can spit on it. DoT doesnt, but direct damage does. So…vomit on it.

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Shield Burst says hola.

(I’m sorry I just had too.)


So there are basically two types of monster players: those who can play well and those who are whining about Sunny.


Says the guy who rage quits at Kraken 0_o


Kraken is what PaPa and Sunny were combined before nerfs. Kraken is still flying fuck.

Don’t forget rages about behemoth and monsters that fight and ones that don’t fight and ones that leave when the dome goes down basically any monster really.

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I have been playing a lot of Sunny these past two weeks so here are the pros and cons for me:

-Her abilities don’t have a cooldown except for the Burst.
-She can protect people via shields AND dodging.
-Escape tools for medics. Exceptional synergy with some of them.
-The drone’s range.
-The drone represents a secondary target that can be deployed even when she is focused
-Krakens and Wraiths have an extremely hard time with her since she can boost people out of harm’s way so that monster abilities miss.

-DOT is the death of her. Against Gorgon or Meteor, she is extremely hard to keep alive.
-She cannot boost herself. If she gets focused, she cannot run to save her life and if the monster pushes her away from the drone or the terrain layout is flat, she is doubly fucked.
-She cannot defend herself offensively.
-Boosting people automatically betrays their position to the monster. This goes doubly for the drone.
-The drone changes targets too frequently. Meaning it can shield a teammate one second and a different one the next. It is not consistent.

  • The drone has a battery which has to be refilled in order for it to shield again. And it is also empty when you deploy it.
    -The drone shields via LoS.

Sunny is manageable if you play strategically, rather than mash buttons like many players do.


[quote=“Terrik, post:1, topic:102407”]
Why can Sunny refresh her drone faster than I have the ability to destroy it? By the time I take a third melee swing, the drone is on top of yet another cliff.
[/quote]If you destroy the drone as soon as it is put down, it’s something like 14 seconds before she can have another one ready to shield.

If she’s zipping between cliffs nonstop to place them, she’ll run out of jetpack.

And, rumour is, the devs are going to put the booster and drone on separate characters in the future.

Look! A player with a brain! Such a rare sighting.

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Nah, who needs monsters when I have you?

except for goliaths every other monster can destroy drone from a good distance with long distance light attacks making her completely useless

Not for Wraith~

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I know from experience that what makes or breaks Sunny is the terrain of the dome. Against Sunny, it’s very important that you as Monster attempt to force the Hunters to fight you in a flat area. The lack of a ledge for Sunny to park her Drone on makes it easy as cake to kill the drone and then promptly focus her.

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As a support player.
Sunny is good against Goliath and Wraith
Bad against M.Goliath, Kraken and Kelder
But depend on dome against Gorgon and Behemoth.

Sunny require good dome to be effective unlike Hank. Nah nah I know, every characters require good dome to be effective but Sunny power will drop drasrically when she fight in bad dome unlike other support.

Sunny will shine in the hand of player that can do multitask things. She seem easy to play but to mastered ‘Sunny path’ is not easy as you think.
Unlike Hank that can choose to block damange on his own. Sunny require team that know how to dodge monster skill like a boss to make her JPB most effective.

Her shield drone has 7 seconds reload time and 7 seconds to fully charge. My advice is to aim for the moment that you can deals damage to Sunny and destroy shield drone at the same time. I know it’s hard but it isnt impossible, just destroy first shield drone , when she gonna place another one then use skill like Leap Smash, Flame Breath, Charge or Banshee Missle at her. Most of the time this way will hurt Sunny and destroy drone at the same time, but bc4… great Sunny that has mastered the art of ‘Sunny Path’ are known how to place the shield drone behind monster LoS.

So the most ez way is choose place to fight Sunny wisely or try ambush her when she doesnt place shield drone while she looking for you.

Yup, it’s strong when well placed, but unless it is placed well, it will literally do nothing.