My Issue with Sunny

There’s a lot of frustrations I can take with certain hunters, but with Sunny there’s one or two things that really bug me.

At the top of that list: Why can Sunny refresh her drone faster than I have the ability to destroy it? By the time I take a third melee swing, the drone is on top of yet another cliff. Using an ability to down it is fine, but the drone is up before the ability is refreshed. Worse still, blowing abilities to take out the endless stream of drones means you aren’t doing any damage to the enemy team.

Hank can be an annoying SOB, but when you focus him, he isn’t shielding anyone. What risks does Sunny take in dome placement? What drawbacks does she have to her kit? What danger is she ever in, that isn’t magnified by another support class? Of all the deployables in the game, hers takes the cake. This character has been a royal pain since her release.

But! Maybe its just me. How do you guys feel she stacks up to other supports? Do other Monster players have different feelings about her?


I don’t and the worst thing is my favourite monster (wraith) doesn’t have any long ranged abilities to take out the drone.


I have never had a problem with sunny because I save 1 ability to only destroy the drone. If sunny can’t get a drone up, she ain’t shielding no one. She’s basically useless other than Jetpack…

Keep in mind I mostly use Gorgon. I save my Acid Spit for her drone, and keep up with spiders and websnare if someone is boosted via jetpack. Rarely do I use Mimic because of the glitch that used to happen to her… I still get Vietnam flashbacks…

However, it is very different with other monsters, i.e. Goli and Wraith. I understand their frustration, but any huge nerf to her would require buffs in other areas. I think shes fine as long as telemetry keeps showing her having a near-50 winrate.

  1. Just replace the freaking booster. The sole purpose of that thing is make games unfun.

  2. Make the drone’s cooldown start after it has been destroyed. It also should not be able to shield Sunny.

I still wonder to this day, how in the world did TRS let the abomination known as Sunny in the game? The world may never know.


Hank maybe a SOB, but Sunny is cheap POS and deserves to be nerfed.
Either make it takes time to refresh her drone after it’s destroyed, or make it take less damage to be destroyed. And I mean it takes 3 DAMNED melee hits to be destroyed, and when you jump as the Goliath and hit it, there’s just this .00000000000000001 health remaining to be destroyed, so gotta hit it again!


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Sunny is good, but the problem is that her drone is AI, it can shield anyone ,seriously,ANYONE. So it can shield someone that is not taking damage. And she is not good at selfdefending and that why good Sunny player pick Dogde/Jetpack Recharge/Jetpack Recharge. And her shield has a delay when you use it and this is pretty bad if there is a low health hunter

She is, IMO, the best defence Support. No idea why people even take Hank- he’s literally worse in every way I can think of. Except maybe damage, I guess.

Does she need a nerf? Maybe, I don’t really know to be honest, probably? I like her playstyle and want her to be viable but she feels a bit too much right now.

Doesn’t each drone placed require a build up before it can actually use it shield? I thought they literally built in windows of opportunity in between drones. Not to mention you can tumble someone into LOS the drone forcing her to place a new one which means she isn’t jet boosting your taregt at the time you are trying to smash their face in.

The only problem I have with Sunny’s drone when I play Sunny is that it gets fucked up by spread DoT damage. When I play Sunny vs Meteor, after Meteor spreads fire breath on all hunters, the drone just constantly switches the target it shields due to the DoT from MG’s passive. That renders drone useless…


She only has one, it needs to be very well placed to do anything and most monsters have a quick CD ability to smash it easily. Vortex, Fire, Web/Acid, etc.

This right here.

With every other monster you at least can deal with the drone.
Fire breath, Acid Spit, Fissure and Kraken is Kraken.

But with Wraith you have to either melee it which wastes a lot of time, or waste warp blast, which wastes your only burst ability. :confused:

That’s why i’ve been asking for decoy (or phantom now rather) to be targetable on deployables, so you could sick it to take it out for you, while you keep the pressure on, just like the other monsters are able to do.

Sunny doesn’t need a nerf, just give Wraith a way to destroy the drone from afar, like letting decoy/phantom target deployables

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I love playing as Sunny and I hate playing against her at the same time.

Isn’t there a 6 second cool down…? You have 6 whole seconds after it’s placed to destroy it and start focusing Sunny. She won’t be able to reliably use the shield drone or booster when being focused.

I don’t know how to feel about this topic!! XD
awkward laugh

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God, no. The changes you are proposing would make her a much worse Hank. Without shielding herself she would have no self sustain, Hank at least has his oribtal, Sunny would have nothing. She would get instant-focused and downed. Even Kala would have better self sustain then.

Also the drone already has a big charging time when deployed before it can even start shielding which gives you time to down a hunter or destroy the drone, adding the cooldown on top of it would render her drone virtually useless. She would barely ever shield anyone.

The drone is fine, it’s only the Wraith that needs a way to deal with it.

It takes sunnys drone 10 seconds before it is able to shield someone. If you destroy it just as she places it - that’s 16 seconds before she’ll ever have any hope of shielding someone minimum.

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The drone isn’t an AI like decoy. It targets the person who most recently took damage.

You mean like eat an ability every 7ish seconds? Cause that is extremely effective compared to what Hank has.

Compare it to Hank. He gets an orbital to give him some breathing room long cooldown he can use it once maybe twice a dome won’t even stop an ability.

Sunny get’s a drone every 7 seconds or so you have to destroy it if you want to focus her in it’s LoS usually you’ll use an ability which means it just did it’s job.

Or she could just get by on shield burst like hank has to since Orbital does almost nothing to stop you focusing him.

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Yeah, I think that’s a bug,cuz I play everyday with my friend(Main Sunny) and sometimes the drone shields randomly.I died twice yesterday because of it

I have never had a problem with Sunny because she is my main target if chosen. As soon as the dome gets down, destroy the drone, if there is any, and focus Sunny until either one of you die. She cannot place a drone if she is focused, and the Jetpack Booster is not going to be a problem. You can also try to lure the hunters to fight on flat surface so the drone placement would not cause any headache, as it usually does with good Sunny players.

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