My issue with Laz


Conceptually he works amazing however, the hunter team takes an immediate downside the second a hunter goes down. Specifically trapper, as a trapper having a laz on the team feels the same as having no medic. When the dome goes down and the monster bullies you to a downed state the dome goes down and the monster escapes. You get rezzed without a strike which is great but then its back to the chase. Would it be possible to have the dome not go down until the trapper dies? I feel this could make laz more viable.


I feel that if the dome doesn’t go down until the trapper dies then the game will be balances horribly in the hunters favor

I see where you are coming from but a change like that will cause the monster to have to stay camped on the incapped trapper and take heavy damage (orbital, Torvald mortar, etc)

It’s a good concern, but I’m not sure how it could be changed that could keep the balancing fair


What if being down caused it to decay at a significantly greater rate.


Now that is a good fix, I think if they worked with that idea for a bit it would be pretty good. Like if the trapper goes down the dome decays at a X2 rate or so. That would make monsters not need to camp, while also fixing the original problem. The only down side I can think of would be bad habits of monsters used to just downing the trapper and leaving.


Nah, I think it is fine. When you dome the monster and you know you have Laz as the medic you shouldn’t be approaching the monster and you should probably know where your support is during the dome fight. A cloak and shield work fine to hide / protect the trapper so it’s not all too complicated to keep the dome up.

I’m more worried about keeping Laz alive during a dome fight than the trapper most of the time.


If the monster focuses the trapper there is little you can do to stop it as another class. Cloak sometimes works but i still find it too simple to find a cloaked hunter as monster.


Shielding a trapper helps, constant healing helps, and the cloak can be useful. Stage 1 or 2 monsters have a hard time effectively downing hunters if they don’t have a level 3 move. Maggie, Abe, and Crow can all slow the monster from pursuing them solo and create good separation. Griffin is the only without decent CC in terms of escaping himself.

I didn’t even want to mention how easy it is to get away from the monster when Sunny is on your team.

Keep your team as best healed as possible so dome fights arena. The monster should lose most of his armor and some of his health in those dome fights if everyone is playing their role correctly. You should also have no strikes against your health while keeping track of where the monster is going.


Im talking specifically for laz. The shield helps but can eventually be worn away, or if the support goes down. The only trapper that has a super effective means of defending them self for escape is maggie as the harpoon trap do a good job if used correctly but even in stasis all the monster has to do is use a traversal. Sunny is the best also.


By the time a shield from hank is worn away and the trapper is doing a good enough job with Stasis / Maggie Harpoon while running around pillars and up cliffs, the monster should have taken enough damage that they lost all armor and some health. if they stay to try and find an opening to eat the hunter then they take even more damage. If they run, have the support and assault chase while Laz picks up the trapper so the cycle continues.

My point is, it’s not a big enough problem for coordinated hunters that they need to change a whole game mechanic behind the trapper class. I know it’s annoying when it happens in pubs with randoms, but with a coordinated team this shouldn’t happen very often if at all.


Dude, the trapper - Laz argument make no sense. If it’s only the medic’s job to keep the trapper alive(which it isn’t), are you saying you can’t play Evolve without Caira or Slim on the team? You can’t only relie on two out of four medics. Try dodging, and if that does not work, ask the support to cloak you.


While the Monster is body camping the Trapper, they’re still technically acting like a much smaller dome. Ever notice how they won’t go more than a quick ability away? :smiley:

That is the power of Lazarus. Transform bodies into mini-domes!


This. You shouldn’t be relying on your Medic or Support to keep you alive- a Trapper should be able to kite for most of the duration of a dome and lead the Monster into the Assault and Support. Lazarus’s healburst will sustain you enough.


No, the dome should not stay up if trapper does get incapped.

How about getting damage resistance to survive longer, or health regen to get back lost life when not taking damage. I like 200% jump, you can jump around from pillar to pillar easy and can avoid damage pretty well.

What about a better team? Maybe get a support to cloak you while assault take agro? Or have a sunny so you can get boosted away from the monster. Play as maggie who can lay traps and lead the monster over them to slow him down,

Or maybe when you dome a monster you are getting to close, try staying more in the 30-40 meter range and get the dome when he is being sneaky and not expecting it.