My issue with Kraken isn't Kraen itself but that none of the Hunters are good vs Kraken


Here I am about to complain about Kraken yet full disclosure Kraken is my worst monster. That said here we go.

Going to give a quick my opinion break down of all the hunters vs Kraken. Its not that Kraken is over powered, its just that for a lot of the Hunters, Kraken is the monster they are the worst at.


  1. Val - Tranq dart ss the least effective vs Kraken, compared to the other monsters.
  2. Lazarus - Kraken is the only monster that can body camp without actually being on top of the body. Lazarus has the hardest time ressing a dead hunter vs Kraken compared to the other monsters IMO.
  3. Caira - Nothing to say here really other then Kraken is the hardest monster to hit with grenades but Caira players don’t talk about dps.
  4. Slim - Kraken is hardest monster to keep in the spore cloud.


  1. Hank - Kraken is hardest monster to hit with orbital barrage
  2. Bucket - Turrets are least effective vs Kraken compared to all the other monsters
  3. Cabot - Nothing to say here.
  4. Sunny - Kraken hardest to hit with her grenade launcher


  1. Maggie - Harpoon traps are the least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.
  2. Griffin - Not much to say here.
  3. Abe - Stasis grenades least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.
  4. Crow - Stasis gun least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.


  1. Markov - Arc mines are least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.
  2. Hyde - Toxic grenade is least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.
  3. Parnel - Nothing to say here.
  4. Torvald - Mortars are least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.

The common theme here is “least effective vs Kraken compared to other monsters.” I think Kraken’s damage, abilities, health and armor are fine. Its the flying mechanic that gives Kraken the edge by making the hunters worse vs him.


The fixed Hyde’s toxic grenades and they’re now affective against Kraken.


And add on the fact that Torvald can’t land a Shrapnel Grenade as well.


the abiltiy to fly make kraken the most powerful monster of all.
no monster can fly.
krakens attacks are as powerful as from every other monster BUT with the difference that
i mean pls tell me the difference. it got a bigger head as every other monster but this is joke.
its possible to abuse this monster to win every match and krakens abilities ruin the game mechanics
RUINING GAMEMECHANICS shouldnt be part of the game.
no wonder everybody complains.
the threadmaker told all important things.
most of the hunters stuff is useless and nothing has an advantage against kraken.


idk, maybe it’s just me but I have NO problem landing the mortars at kraken. But I get what you’re sayin’, I fully agree, kraken is the hardest to fight and win against. (makes it all the sweeter when you do though! :smiley: )


You do know kraken is broken right ? CC does not work on him at the moment.


And the other side of the torvald coin. Torvald is most effective against behemoth.


If the CC worked properly you’d be able to bring the kraken to the ground and punish it. But right now you can’t.


yea, I know, and yes, the behemoths just keep melting away to my mortars. I was just saying MY experience with hitting kraken. (I think it’s total bs that stasis doesn’t pull him out of the sky like it’s supposed to)


From the looks of it the next challenge will involve the kraken. I would imagine that they will be micropatching his traversal bug before this weekend so hold out for just a little longer… however i have noticed a MASSIVE decline in kraken players since said bug. At least it doesnt seem like people are only in it to win it.


My Kraken Dream team based on feedback and opinion:
Medic: Val: gasp I like her tranq highlighting the kraken. Some maps have canopies that make it hard to find. This helps a bit. Also, her expose is nice.
Support: Hank: I think it’s a must when you have Val. I’m choosing him mostly for the shield buffing. If he gets targetted, then Val can take care of it. They’re a great duo.
Trapper: Abe: I think his dart will be useful to follow it. And his slow grenades I feel are much more effective than Crow’s slow gun.
Assault: I’ve heard that Markov is actually best vs. kraken… That came from Macman… So yeah… Markov and the underperforming yet consistent lightning gun.

The purpose of this team is to be very defensive vs. kraken’s damage. Not sure it’s best… but it should be good.

Team 2:
Caira: For good aoe healing
Cabot: For 2x damage and maximizing pain while it’s “floating about”
Hyde: For stink bomb and flamethrower during double damage.
Crow: because he does the most damage of all the trappers.

This particular group is meant to do easy damage quickly, and try and burn the kraken quickly while floating about. Not very defensive though.


Don’t worry mate, they’re releasing an update next year to buff the hunters to better counter Kraken.


Developers admit Kraken is broken so anyone thst uses this monster now is kind of a bi***. You can’t bring the monster down at all with stasis or anything. Next patch will make the kraken fair again… I hope


It’s just to dam hard to drag it down to the ground






Agreed, but Orbital shouldn’t be your main focus unless you catch a monster eating or pouncing a hunter. Or evolving away from a cieling. Also agree with the rest of the supports.

Pretty much agree to everything else you stated after that point.


The patch is supposed to be out tomorrow


You can’t drag it down right now. It’s not hard, it’s broken.


False, Goliath is harder.

As a Hyde player… i can affirm this is false

As Kraken player, i can tell you that a good Maggie is the most annoying thing you can imagine.


i somewhat agree. IMO Maggies harpoon traps are a living hell if placed right. If im airborne and these traps are at different angles, i have to land a hit on them with a narrow lighting shot. Hyde’s toxic gernades are proximity now and his minigun was buffed accuracy wise, so he is more suited for kraken now. I most DEFINATELY agree with the body camping, i dont care how good of a medic you are, an experienced kraken will ensure that body will not be touched ( unless advanced team melt his armour and force him to run, making Lazurus the most efficient medic against kraken, if the body is intact of course. Hanks orbital can still decimate a kraken, just use it when kraken is in a corner and not in the open, and make sure he has wasted most of his traversal. Doesnt matter how high he flies, hat orbital will get 'em. Trust me, i experienced it first hand. :cry: Other than that, the rest of these opinions kinda rely on the map, buffs, perks, and experience. Ive been destroyed by what i think was a team that had Markov, Bucket, Lazurus, and Maggie. And i was stage two with nearly full armour and a chip of health missing. IMHO, i find kraken difficult to keep track of, but once you tire him out, it isnt so hard to punish him. :smile:


Sure “tomorrow”