My issue with Kala


I like Kala yes but how is she able to teleport out of a dome, It gives the hunters such a huge advantage. Some one died send emet near spawn or the other side of the map to quickly respawn them. Medic or some one gonna die quick jump out and he’s then back in you go! I see this as quite unfair to the monster.


If Kala puts up a portal in the dome and on the other side of the dome, just break the one closest to you and she won’t be comming back any time soon.


What he said, you can always destroy the pad. Kala should never leave the dome because of this.


This leaves the rest of the team in the dome without a medic. Free strikes!


Every hunter outside of the dome is as good as a hunter incapped. No hunter team functions as well on 3 as they do with 4.

Also remember that Kala offers no defense aside from retreat. Don’t try to wipe teams against Kala, build strikes. Use the medic or support or assault leaving the dome as an opportunity to just down the trapper and run.