My internal struggle


Here’s my dilemma:

I love supporting my team (generally as medic or support. Sometimes trapper though) but I strongly dislike being focused by the monster (pretty unique, I know). I find myself playing assault a lot because generally they aren’t high on the list of monster priorities, and I generally fill that role pretty well. Just wish I was better at kiting or maybe positioning so I could get away with taking one of the classes I like more


Yeah, medics/supports need to be really good at dodging. Assaults need to be good at aiming/chasing though.


Aiming and chasing I am good at. I’m a pretty good trapper (considering I only ever play with pugs). I’m better as a support than a medic. I use the reload speed perk a lot so I get my cloak faster, and I tend to use that defensively rather than offensively


This is why i’m an advocate of taking jump height if you’re someone who gets focused. The first thing to do is to get up high, and then you can take a second to work out what the monster is going to try to do to make your second dodge and get out of the way. By this time hopefully someone will have caught the monsters attention!


Good support can make up for a weaker medic. But they need to be used to leaning on eachother.


I’ve heard good things about jump height but I’ve yet to try it out. I think I would need it most as a medic or trapper but something else always wins out. Capacity for caira, reload for slim, quick switch for most trappers etc


Part of me thinks that getting focused can be used tactically. Calling to my team and letting them know the monster is focusing on me should open up opportunities for the rest of the team to do nasty things to the monster while he’s concentrating on me…


I need to work on getting better with “godtier” hank. I’m pretty good as sunny or Cabot. I’m as good with bucket as bucket gets. But that hank man. I know how valuable he can be, I’m just not there yet


You can play a decent medic, and be an amazing medic with a good support. It’s teamwork, make up for each others weaknesses. Everyone’s got one, or two.


(Oh man. Slabomeat replied to my first ever topic. Today is a good day)

I never really thought of it like that. I mean baiting the monster toward poons, or in the early days even mines sure. But as a general mobile distraction? That’s an interesting thought.


At least he made you happy then. :smile:


Haha for that matter shin, I’ve read a ton of your posts too. Particularly between you and midnightrose lol. I’m on these forums a lot, I just have never posted before


I’m sure you’ve seen how strange I can be then. ^.-


Lol yup. It’s all good though


No one knows the struggle, the only see the the trouble. Not knowing its hard to carry on when one focuses you.

My tip would be to take trapper or medic and go play solo and just try to stay alive. Before they changed it in the last patch or too picking Val and going against an AI monster in the dome was the best way to learn how to not or stop being focused.
But it seems the monsters focus the trapper now.Maybe pick griffin.


That is a good thought. My wifi is down for now anyway, so some challenge mode in solo might be a good idea. Definitely worth the training


Torvald agrees.


I dont think reload for slim is the right choice. you would be better of with something like capacity, health regen, or even jump boost or jetpack charge. reason being, when you run out of ammo you should be switching to spore cloud and back. and you wont have to wait for it to reload. second, the reload perk for the healing burst is not worth it since it takes so long, HB is very weak for slim, and your means of recharging is shooting.


Thanks for the tips, that actually makes a lot of sense. I guess I would just generally spam one gun or the other too much (depending on my teams health) rather than switch frequently between the two. Would quick switch be worth taking ?


I tried using quick switch for a while and i loved it. it felt awesome how fluid it was constantly switching between all three things (gun, spore, bug) in the middle of battle.

That being said, i like it, but i still dont think i would recommend it over the other options. And the reason for that is weapon switch is likely not gonna be the winning/losing factor in a match. Whereas, something like jump boost, health regen, or jetpack recharge could be the game changer since they are more likely to help you, the medic, survive a battle.

Best advice i can give you is to play a few matches with each perk and get a feel to it. find what works best for you. everyone has a different preference and its hard to say that one perk is DEFINITELY the best perk :smile: