My impressions about Stage 2


Just got to play it for a bit. I practiced some matches against the computer and here’s what I think.

  • Seems to be harder for monsters, more unforgiving. I played a string of 5 games against the AI as Goliath and I could only win one. I’m not a great player but I can play. I don’t remember this being so tough as the Goliath as I experienced it now.
  • Hunters come back faster, I still can’t understand the new dropship timer rules but it’s too fast.
  • As a monster it’s harder to do burst damage on anyone, even medics seem pretty much unkillable sometimes. I just watched Val go from 1 to full health in the blink of an eye, under heavy focusing.
  • Monster stage 3 seems really weak…
  • I miss having more large beasts around in the ecosystem. It’s really rare to come by one now.
  • There should be at least a bit of health regen for monsters. I feel the game now encourages to have hit and run tactics for monsters instead of too involved fights, which may play out as the hunters wearing down the monster. Reminds me of the good old Defend mode, even more with the seemingly endless return of hunters all the time. I do not like this a lot.
  • Voiceover feedback is good but I miss the “Finish them” sign, I don’t know if you can tell when the hunter team is incomplete now (I might be mistaken). Also, if the devs want people to duke it out, this encourages fights.
  • I’m gladly surprised to learn that at least against the AI you can still hide a bit.
  • Overall it plays a lot more faster, with more skirmishes and a lot more damage tradeoff, but sadly almost all of it seems to go to the monster. I know the devs might do this on purpose, to entice new players which will probably start as hunters, as it’s a more familiar gameplay style, and they can play with friends. But I’m not sure this is in the balance sweet spot yet. We shall see what story stats tell us.

It was great to play this new version of this game. It’s still fun to play solo, and I enjoyed playing online (I could find people playing which was a nice surprise).


There’s a reason you found it a lot easier to find a game online:


This is awesome, yeah, I knew there was a lot more people getting into the game. But there’s still the thing with regional server restrictions so all those 20k+ players might as well be all playing in USA. So I was happy when I got into a game with two humans.