My ideas how improve the game



1 Don’t change news with high speed in main menu (I have not time to read).
2 Enable switching news with mouse cursor in the main menu.
3 Add single player storyline (company), maybe co-op missions.
4 Add more than hunting regimes, such as the 4-th stage of Moster evolution.
5 The characters talk too much

Same on russian:
1 В главном меню не переключать новости с такой бешанной скоростью.
2 Дать возможность переключения новостей курсором мыши в главном меню
3 Добавить в игру одиночный режим с сюжетной компанией (прохождение)
4 Добавить больше режимов охоты, например с 4-той стадией эволюции.
5 Персонажи говорят слишком много


1,2,3 QoL, sure why not. Not against adding those.
4. Mhmmm…not quite sure on this one.
5. Deepest dark? Yes, please. Someone shut the announcer up already. He talks non-stop at relay when the eggs spawn.
Other characters dialouge during hunt? They are fine as it is.


Eh,could care less about this

same as above

they are already kinda doing this

Oh hell naw.stage 3 is enough[quote=“Creatormaster, post:1, topic:100458”]
5 The characters talk too much

thats your opinion,unless you talk about the announcer,then id agree