My Ideas for New Skins (Nowadays only Behemoth and Wraith)


Deeper purple, and more glassy look for me. ^.^
Looks good though.


Throw those in a bundle pack and you got yourself a deal!


That Frog Behemoth is beautiful…


Sapphire Skin for Behemoth. Deep, dark blue. in between a Royal blue and a Navy blue.


@Alsborg91 Love the skins you made!

How about something with a pattern, like marble or granite?


What about a rose quartz, cinnabar, or stibnite!

Edit: for behemoth.


Also, a blue ring octopus skin for Kraken!


How about a dead ring octopus skin instead?



I don’t get it. Also, “abput”?


My phone. Hard to type.

And I mean that he should be dead.

Cause Karken.




Back on topic! :smiley:




give me those wraith skins :smiley:


10/10 Would buy.


This thread gets my approval. Looking awesome!


I want obsidian for all the monsters…they would all look so badass.


Excuse my language but I would buy the shit out of those skins.


I’m just glad more people want Obsidian Skins.
I’ve been asking for them, since back in March.


Can you made an icy Behemoth skin. Which looks more icy than just BLUE IN YOUR FACE
Thanks :slight_smile:

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