My ideas for future hunter adaptions


Hello guys
i wanna share you my ideas for future hunter adoptions. I want to use the older similar threads but they are already closed due inactivity. I would suggest someone has to make a sticky thread for this kind of content in the future and merge this thread to it.

One note if i don’t say any values the particular item will just be compared to it’s original counterpart.

Here are my adoptions:

Vampire Lazarus

Blood rifle:

  • works like the lightning rifle from Markov
  • converts damage into self heal

Vital glove:

  • can’t revive or pick up like o.g. Lazarus
  • removes a strike on target hunter
  • 60 seconds cool down

Switch device:

  • switch own position with an other hunter within line of sight and 30 meter range
  • 30 seconds cool down

Emergency burst:

  • instead of heal burst
  • heals one hunter within 30 meter range 10 seconds long for 10% life per second
  • target person is always the character with lowest health (Lazarus himself possible)
  • 18 seconds cool down

Adventure Kaira

Sticky launcher:

  • works with fire and heal grenades similar to o.g. Kaira
  • grenades don’t explode on impact but are triggered manually (aim button)
  • 3 grenades could be placed
  • one less capacity compared to o.g. Kaira (3 shots)

Reflex booster

  • no stun effects on hits within 20 meters range on all characters for 10 seconds (no slows and action interruption)
  • doesn’t include knock back itself
  • 60 seconds cool down

Charge burst:

  • instead of heal burst
  • heals all characters within 15 meters range 6 seconds for 5% life per second
  • 12 seconds cool down

Leader Cabot


  • doesn’t shoot through walls
  • on hit creates a weak spot which ignores armour on this location for other shots

Damage decreaser:

  • aimed on monster
  • decreases 50% of the damage dealt by the monster
  • will be depleted when 1000 damage decreased and after that has to recharge
  • can not over decrease

Spore bomb:

  • does the same effect as Slim’s spore cloud
  • 30 meter radius on impact for 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds cool down

Mechanic Bucket

Lock on launcher:

  • can lock on the monster when aim button been held for 2 seconds
  • lock stays as long as line of sight even while reloading
  • after lock on you don’t have to hold the aim button any longer
  • missiles will fly to the lock on target when fired otherwise they are dumb fired

Sentry gun:

  • one deployable
  • every 5 seconds the sentry gun will automatically be upgraded till stage 4
  • stage 1 will get 100% damage, 100% range and 200 health
  • stage 2 will get 200% damage, 133% range and 400 health
  • stage 3 will get 300% damage, 166% range and 600 health
  • stage 4 will get 400% damage, 200% range and 800 health

Drop ship cam:

  • drop ship can be controlled
  • vision is just vertically downwards of the drop ship
  • fixed zoom
  • can not look into caves etc.
  • drop ship moves faster than o.g. Buckets head
  • drop ship can’t traverse vertically
  • monster can see and hear drop ship
  • drop ship will deploy spawning people on it’s current location when possible, otherwise the people will not spawn until reaching a legit location
  • Bucket can not move while controlling the drop ship
  • no time limit nor cool down for this ability
  • can mark the monster for 30 seconds when focused for 5 seconds

Hollywood Griffin

Elephant gun:

  • works like Val’s Sniper rifle but without weak spots
  • heavy recoil pushes Griffin 2 meters in opposite direction
  • can be used as a double jump

Grappling hook:

  • pulls Griffin up to 30 meters to target location
  • if used on hunters, target hunter will be pulled towards Griffin
  • pulls as fast as jet pack boost

Infra red spikes:

  • 3 spikes could be placed
  • an invisible vertical barrier appears between the spikes
  • barriers have unlimited positive and negative vertical range and reach through obstacles
  • if the monster breaches a barrier the location will be marked on the mini map

Gunslinger Abe

Double action revolver:

  • high recoil
  • less spread for fast shooting

Shock grenades:

  • deals no damage
  • don’t slow the monster
  • removes all stamina as long as the monster is in range
  • neutralizes slowing effects from other sources (for balancing reasons)
  • 10 meter radius
  • 3 deployable with 10 seconds lifetime

Proximity scanner

  • 100 meter range
  • beeps more frequently when closing the distance to the monster
  • doesn’t indicate any direction, just the distance within 100 meter range
  • only beeps when equipped

Freeze Hyde

Ice cannon:

  • works like flame thrower but without after burn
  • slows monster on hit for 5 seconds as strong as tranquil rifle from Val

Gatling gun:

  • slow fire rate at start
  • fire rate will increase over time as long as be fired
  • fire rate will be reset on knock back

Shield grenade:

  • creates shield bubble on impact location
  • 800 health
  • melee attacks can’t be blocked
  • 5 meter radius
  • 20 seconds cool down

One man army Parnell:

Dual wielded MP’s:

  • higher spread than shotgun
  • more dps than shotgun

Heat seeker:

  • auto lock on launcher
  • within 20 meters range they do no damage


  • endless ammunition for 10 seconds
  • no health damage dealt on activating
  • 60 seconds cool down

That’s it guys i wanna know your opinion and thanks for reading.


Very interesting ideas. I can see some of those being quite fun to play. :slightly_smiling:

We do already have a thread for adaptation ideas so I’ll merge this thread with the main one. :wink:


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