My idea for new assault


People keep saying they want a melee assault but there has to be a reason they want to be so close to the monster all the time. I would just take the idea they had with the new medic, and have each sword strike on the monster decrease shield cooldown time.

Someone else had the idea to link the leech to another basilisk soldier, but i think a laser theme would be better. A blue laser sword to match the shield, as well as having something that fires rounds like Hank does (maybe dual wield pistols?) to add some range. The third can be some sort of limited range grapple or leap that can close the gap on a moving monster.

And if anything like this makes it into the game please give us a female assault character, change it up from the giant man/machine stereotype. Thanks for reading.


They will get a female assault eventually. I suspect Tier 5 will be female assault (I hope, more women in the game, the better).


I hope so, assault class needs some variety. I think that the shield cool down is a good way to compensate for the lack of protection a close combat fighter will have.


In the new dialog there is a reference to the next assault… and they are talking about a woman.


We don’t know that it’s the next assault… All we know is that there WILL be a female assault.


I think @MacMan said there is a female assault in the works… at least i thought he did :confused:


He said that he definitely WANTS a female assault, and since he’s the head developer of TRS, this dream will more than likely become a reality.


Yup, I’m pretty sure we will see many more female characters in the future. If we don’t, we might get angry… And you don’t want this community angry. :wink: