My idea for kraken traversal fix/change


So as we all know kraken is currently the strongest monster due to how his traversals work and how its very difficult to immobilize him compared to the other monsters. The goal here is to leave kraken a powerful ranged opponent but take away his ability to remain in the air almost indeffinetly during combat. I was thinking of a way this could be fixed and this is what I propose:

The biggest change will be removing krakens current 3 charge traversal that he currently uses and switch it to an energy depleting bar like behemoth has. Now while kraken is in the air he will contiuosly drain traversal energy and will have to come down to the ground at some point during the fight to recharge. When traversal energy runs out kraken falls to the ground at an accelerated rate. One problem I see here is how to balance krakens air burst ability which lets him boost around in the air during a fight. I’m going to do my best to refrain from throwing out numbers or percentages here as it would require a lot of testing to get right but I would recomend that the air burst drains extra traversal energy each time it is used similar to how behemoth uses extra energy each time it enters its roll.

Acceleration and decceleration values need to be added back to kraken air movement. Currently when you juke left and right the kraken will move in those directions almost instantly with little to no accerlation time. This is what makes krakens air juking so effective. When flying with kraken and rapidly juking about the kraken should have to slow down first then accelerate in the new direction at a much slower pace than he currently does.

Trapper CC needs to be more reliable. Currently harpoons are almost useless since any good kraken is constantly spamming the basic ranged attack. This will cause harpoons to break immediately unless the harpoon is directly behind the monster which is difficult with kraken. To break a harpoon during flight the kraken should have to come to a complete stop so that it can perform that one animation where it slings its tentacles around itself to break the harpoons off.

Reduce range on krakens aerial ranged attack. Right now a kraken can incap a hunter and keep them locked down from across the dome just using this attack while still using his other abilities against the other hunters.

Banshee mines need some tuning. The only suggestion I can think of is reducing the intial speed with which the kraken lauches them. Currently they can just be launched right into the hunters face or right over their heads and there almost nothing you can do about it since they travel so fast.


They’re going to have an arm time in an upcoming update so that they can’t just be spammed. It’ll give the Hunters more time to react to them also.


Interesting I hadn’t thought of that. Sounds like it could be a good fix.


I like these changes, it forces Kraken to use banshee mines more tactically now. I’ve never really been a fan of banshee mines to start with anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a bug that they need to squash, he currently ignores all forms of CC (except tranqs? I think, not sure)


Good point. It seems that stasis effects from crow and abe do almost nothing. Tranqs do seem to work more reliably though in my experience.


I hate banshee mines knockback and how the Kraken can just spam his air melee to a down hunter from afar without receiving much damage


do nothing ??? they make him fall to the ground rather slowing him down, it was already unfair at first but since now they changed it s much more balanced for kraken but you want to remove it ???


Just make it so Stasis pulls him down. Would actually make Abe popular again…


i disagree with this for one reason, even if i like the idea of making his stamina bar one that depletes, it will be unfair for kraken since he s very weak on the ground, implementing something like this so he almost cannot win is not right, kraken will run into problems such has not having enough stamina to get away and make a comeback


it pulls him down, personnally i ve seen it


Once trappers can pull him down again his win rate will get back in order, being immune to almost all assault damage is a little too much lol


Never does anything for me :frowning:


I love the people that claim stasis and harpoon drop the monster to the ground. The drop speed is negligible to the point that any decent kraken can remain in the sky indefinitely.


not really


Only time I can get the kraken on the ground is when I hit him with a griffin harpoon and he’s using his lightning strike. And he’ll be back in the air soon as the lightning strike ends.


Sounds better… Basically it was just a painful secondary attack spam.


Yeah going to have to call bs on that it is negligible. The only time I’ve seen a kraken pulled down since the patch was when a Griffin harpooned him mid lightning strike.


Kraken weak on the ground? Clearly you haven’t been rushed by an aftershocking kraken


And plus when kraken is being shot at, he stays in the air indefinitely without stamina so you almost have to stop shooting for stasis to work properly now; which there’s no way to win then