My idea for a new monster: the Chris Langan


Christened after the world’s smartest man, the Chris Langan is not just any ordinary monster.

Instead of using brute force, this one uses intellect to beat the hunters, using its immeasurable IQ of 195+


1) The Mega Test:

The hunter is teleported into a room temporarily, where he/she must solve seemingly intractable IQ-style problems. If the hunter solves all questions correctly before the 30 second limit, he is freed. But if he fails, he will be incapped. Each rank adds 1 additional question

2) Game of Brains:

When activated, all 4 hunters are transported to a labyrinth where they must make their way out in time (2 mins). During this time, the monster stays in stasis at the center, where he is vulnerable during the spell. Hunters are to find the exit, which is where the monster is, but the path to the exit is guarded by IQ-style questions that increase in difficulty with each rank. If the hunters fail to get out, they take 50% HP (of their remaining HP bar) damage each.

3) The CTMU:

Using a theory of the universe that the Chris Langan has created, he tags hunters with questions about the CTMU in real-time, expecting them to give an answer while in battle within 10 seconds, or be stunned for 3 seconds. Hunters have to read the CTMU thesis to be able to answer the questions. Each rank adds +1.5 seconds more stun duration.

4) Eric Hart:

Chris Langan transforms into his alter ego, Eric Hart, for 60 seconds. Eric Hart can summon elite members from the Mega society, all super-high IQ individuals, to aid him. Each rank adds 30 sec duration.


Hyde stares at it for a few moments.

Hyde lights it on fire and walks away Tossa’.