My idea for a game

So i have this idea for a game and want to see what you guys think. So it’s a 4v1 multiplayer experience with 4 people playing as hunters and one person playing as a monster. The hunters will have their own class and role in the group i.e medic will heal the hunters. The monster is on his own and has to eat wildlife and stage up to beat the hunters. That’s all i have so far…What do you think?

Sounds like it would have a serious lack of content, everyone would complain about DLC, and it would sell horribly. image

So hunt mode?

Yeah and 3 other mini game modes so people won’t complain about lack of content

I’ve currently got a poll going on that I think has built up plenty of steam in favor of it. I’m hoping for it to be seriously considered Closed Poll: Arena Mode

OP could you please expand on this idea a little more