My idea for a crazy "4+1 VS 4+1" game mode


Super Arena: Game mode

This would be just like Arena, but covering a much larger area to accompany the extra players

In this game mode, There are two teams. Red Team and Blue team. Each Team has a standard hunter group, and one, stage 2 monster.

Special rules

  • Hunters cannot interact with each other via weapons. Ex. Hyde cant melt enemy Lazy’s face, but can interact with them with Hunter Tools.

  • Monsters cannot interact with each other, only simple melee attacks will register.

The goal of the game is to kill the other team’s objective. Red Hunters kill Blue Monster, Red Monster kills Blue Hunters and vice versa.

Hunter tool interactions on enemy Hunters

  • Vanilla Daisy will attempt to disarm deployable hunter tools. Healing buoys, Sound spikes, Stasis grenades, harpoon traps, Re-spawn Beacon etc. Shooting at her will scare her away temporarily. (Dont ask how she does it. Its magic.)

  • Griffin’s spikes will reveal gunshots and weapon usage

  • Abe’s Tracking darts will track enemy hunters via color code. Medic will have a blue tracker etc.

  • Gobi can reveal hunters

  • Jack’s satellite will reveal hunter deployables and hunters.

  • Val’s tranq darts will slow enemy hunters down

  • Hank’s orbital barrage will CC enemy hunters.

  • Bucket’s sentries will attempt to disarm deployables, but still prioritize monster.

  • Cabot can damage amp enemy hunters with a reduced capacity. Dust tagging reveals hunters.

  • Kala’s beam can temporarily remove enemy shields. A good counter for those teams who LOVE shields.

Hunter tools on ally monster

  • Medic can replenish a monster’s armor.

    • Val’s Medgun
  • Caira’s Healing Grenades

  • Emet’s boueys

  • All Healing bursts

  • Caira’s Adrenaline field will give the ally Monster a movespeed increase for a couple seconds upon touching the field.

  • Hank’s and Sunny’s Shield will give the Monster temporary armor. Sunny’s drone prioritizes Hunters. Tech Hank will “heal” armor like the medics.

  • Cabot’s damage amp will become a “healing” amp. Armor gained from eating or medic becomes increased. EX a 3 Armor snack will replenish 6.

  • Sunny’s Jetpack booster when focused on the ally monster will give the monster extra traversals.

Before you throw “This is stupid. The game is balanced for 4v1”, please note that this was made jsut for fun and to see if the community would like something this chaotic. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Rude. :frowning:


Not intended to be rude. There’s already a thread for this. Just trying to keep it neat.


He’s not rude, just helping to organize the forums.

We don’t want, for example, twelve 4v2 threads if they’re all talking about the same thing.



I know. But I wasnt able to find somethin’ on the forums quite like my idea.


@KomodoLover @Therubexcube Eh, he’s not entirely wrong. It is pretty different from the other types of these threads I’ve seen, imo. It’s up to a leader or mod though. Any who, I personally don’t want to see this. Like every single other idea like this, has been argumented almost the same way. The game is focused entirely, balance/mechanic and lore wise, on the 4v1 aspect. There’s way too much problems that can arise with this. Sorry, it just won’t work. Adding new game modes isn’t helping the player base either. :confused:


but is 4 and 1 vs 4 and 1 not 4 v 2


I feel like he didnt even read it :’(


so monster punches only might work with 9.0 update where monsters have same health


Read all of it there friend.


This seems like a right nightmare.

I like chaos but…my blood pressure spiked just from reading this lmao.


It was supposed to be :stuck_out_tongue:

Just imagine

[Dasiy destroys Respawn beacon at :02 seconds left] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Ummm how exactly would that work? :confused:


She licks it with the intent to love it, but only manages to destroy

Daisy then howls, for she does not know why


Umm okay…


As far as I can tell there’s no need to merge this since I don’t think there’s another thread with this idea already. If there is then it’s super old and in that case we’d close that old one and keep the newer one open.

So discuss away people!


With all due respect, no. This is worse than 4v2 or any other gamemode.

This isn’t possible within the game’s standards, it’d be horridly unbalanced, it would never work, etc.


lmao you are too much for my everyday life. with all due respect, and it is due, because this idea is poppin: give me super arena mode rite nao.