My hunter/monster suggestion thread


I do realise that there are threads for these already, bu I would like to keep all of my ideas together and I have ideas for monsters, hunters and maps, each with different already existing forums, so I decided to create a new thread, I hope that’s okay.
I have spent the last 3 weeks in my mind creating 4 tiers that i think would all work in game. That is 16 hunters, 4 monsters and 4 maps. I ask that you please humor me in this moment of selfe indulgence, a few of these characters are revamped versions of ones I already posted. I tried to illustrate what I meant by finding pictures or using paint. I shall start now

(T-MM) Tier Concepts. Just Updated (2/3/16): Updated Paige with new Polarized Proximity Drone, started 2nd tier
Design a Kit for any of these Hunters!

Saint :medic:

Description: Quite tall and imposing, has a deep voice, wears a mask with the medic symbol.
Story: He is a member of the church of (some religion that doesn’t exist) and came to shear to “purge it of evil”
Ability 1 - Damage dealer - Acid gun: Launches balls of acid that leave tiny puddles that do low dot (It fires similarly to Cairas Napalm Grenades. Be cleansed by the waters of rebirth beast
Ability 2 - Healing mechanism - Injection - A super close ranged injection that fully refills a hunters health and jetpack. The injection also adds one pip of health to the max health of the hunters, but this health does not regen ever, so you could have 125% health then be beaten down back to max 100, or you could take away a strike, and 2 punches later it would be back. Takes about 3 seconds to use and reloads slowly. Let me purify you
Ability 3 - Special - Damage reducing mist: In an arm movement similar to using the lazarus device saint drops a bomb of white smoke that reduces visibility and reduces all damage taken while hunters stand within it I have blessed this ground
Gameplay: Nothing special here, standard medic stuff.


I dont believe this belongs in Community Content. It belongs in General.


Allan :support:

Description: Young male, fully armored, inspired by marauder from borderlands
Story: He is a world renowed supergenius, who is too busy being a washout to notice, he uses top secret tec he developed and fights because YOLO.
Ability 1 - Damage dealer - Force cannon: Inspired by dead space, the cannon does medium damage, but has super super short range and uses shockwave blasts to fire. If you manage to hit the monster on its critical spot with it you can interrupt melee attacks, this ties in well with his other 2 abilities.
Ability 2 - Secondary - Teleport beam: Target a hunter, fire. If the hunter accepts by pressing the direction of their already chosen hotswap key you switch place.
Ability 3 - Special - Hallucination Field: If you activate this field within close proximity to the monster it hallucinates, say for instance its looking at hyde, maggie and you, hyde could turn into crow, maggie could cloak and you could become a mammoth bird, he would also see up to 3 things that arent there, e.g. slim a reaver and another mammoth bird, each of these characters camo would switch every 3 seconds and the field lasts about 15 seconds, the counter to the field would be knowing that allan must be within a few feet of you and beating him up.
Ability 4 : Team cloak
Playstyle: You need to stay as close to the monster as possible to use your abilities to the max potential, and switch with other characters if they get too close and start to die.


Ohh I likey


Rex :trapper:

Description: He’s a frikken monster! (Inspired by Elfman Strauss)
Story: He is what happens when generation 2 basilisk soldier tech meets tyrants instead of flies. He was an utter “failure” and dumped on shear to cover it up. He spots the figthing hunters and imprints on parnell and caira, who he now thinks are his parents. He has very primal intelegance and an only use basic tools, or could, until abe strapped explosives to all of it.
Ability 1 - Damage dealer - Explosive spears: He throws spears, one at a time, with a slow ROF but no reload, they explode (thanks to abe)
Ability 2 - CC: Caltrops: He throws 5 huge-ass calrops (the size of bowling balls) They act as bouncing betty mines, launching upward and attaching to a monster above it, even kraken, whilst they do not slow the monsters movement they do drastically slow attack speed. The counter would simply be to not move over them or destroy them from a distance. one melee attack destroys one, so after 5 attacks your fine again.
Ability 3 - Tracking ability: Regression, while the rb button is held he goes into a primal state, his speed is increased 6 times and the right stick becomes smell, just like with a monster. He can be in this state for 20 seconds and as time progresses his smell radius increases. The cool part being, in this state he ca eat meat with the fire buttin, at about 4 times slower than a monster though, so he can slowly self heal and get rid of perks. Emphasis on sloooooooowly
Ability 4: Dome
Gameplay: Stay in the mid range when fighting, chase after the monster but we wary not to stray too far from team


Willy :assault:

Description: Scottish, bearded, he should be more armored than in the picture.
Story:He is a depressed scottish drunk with a “I guess I have to do it” attitude, he joined because he wants to die and figured to go out doing something procreative.
Ability 1 - Primary: Radial Machine gun: A machine gun with 12 barrels, each pointing in a different direction, It has a high ROF and reward the player for being as close to the monster as possible.
Abe: Jimmy, whats up with that thing
Jimmy: In all honesty, I was drunk when I made it, but I’ve taken aliking to it.
Ability 2 - Secondary: Sawed Off quad barrled shotcannon: A shotgun with 4 barrels that launches explosive rounds, once again it works best at short range
Ability 3 - Special: Grappling hook: Click the button to attach to monster, hold it to real yourself in, release to set the distance you prefer. Congratulations, you are now attached to a giant angry beast with a cable that takes 5 melee hits to break. (or simply another press of a button)
Pros: You can reenact this scene, but with kraken and a scottish drunk.

Cons: You can reenact this scene with goliath and a scottish drunk

Gameplay: You are rewarded for being as close to the monster as possible and can use the grappling hook to achieve that, if a monster is planning to traverse it’s taking you with it.


Stalker :monster: (Revamped from old post)

Description: Part wolf, part surinam toad, it has huge claws, walks on all 4’s, and a long tail. Importantly its teeth are not teeth, but are sort of a fused part on its face, so they melt into its head rather than come out of its mouth.
Melee: Combos of slashes and bites.
Traversal: Sprint - The monster runs forward as long as the button is held at a high speed, its incredibly hard to make turns while doing this. (roadie running from gears of war.)
Health: Similar health and armor to goliath.
Ability 1: Blade dash - The monster turns its headd 90 degrees and opens its mouth 180 degrees (forming a row of teeth parralel witth the ground) and dashes forwards, turns around and dashes backwards. (Abduction but with more bleading and less abducting)
Ability 2: Legionares - Spawns 3-5 (depending on level) Crabodiles (they are in the picture) from its bsck mouth thingeys. They eat anything thats dead, transfering the nutrients to the monster, focus on killing downed hunters, have high health (twice that of a trapjaw at level 3) and do low (reaver leveled) damage.
Ability 3: Howl - A radial blast that knocks hunters back, destroys equipment and does low damage, it enrages craboids for 6 seconds, doubling their speed and attack speed and can be used very often.
Ability 4: Tentacle mine - The stalker places a mine in the ground which quickly grows into a tentacle with a barbed edge, any hunter entering its ranged is grappled (for up to 10 seconds if not shot off) and marked to the monster for 40 seconds. It has a considerably huge range, probably equal to level 1 tongue grab.


Map: Zoo :earth_africa:
Description: A huge area with a radial design, broken up in segmented enclosures. Eg a megamouth cage with 3 of them next to a trapjaw field. There are high climbable walls between every enclosure, and every one has a glass wall pointing to the center of the area for observation. Every enclosure also has elevated scaffolding above it, giving the area 2 levels in effect. The centre of the map contains a huge dome with 3 phantoms and a leviathan in a tank.

The monster would need to push the hunters toward tougher exhibits and keep them on the ground level while the hunters would need to keep the monster away from easier ones (strider lane, grub world, etc.)
Evacuation bonuses: Monster: The monster eats so much food that it is ready to breed and proceeds to lay 3 eggs on the next map
Hunters: The zoo staff hand over Cassidy and Crank to the hunters, their prized dune beetle and Phantom. They accompany the hunters in the next mission a la ebonstar ally.
Im thinking the insides of the enclosure should have a grasslandey feel, like this picture from evolve testing


Round 2…
Zarble :medic:

Description: An alien with brownish skin that looks almost slimey.
Story: He and his brother Wotan (I’ll get to him) were the first helpers on the scene, even earlier than Cabbots team, so they meet up at the planet. Theres conflict cause the team suspects they only joined to loot from the scrap.
Ability 1 - Damage dealer - Pulse mine launcher: Launches up to 5 mines, each of them explode in radial pulses 3 times before vanishing and can be destroyed before reaching that mark

Ability 2 - Healing mechanisms - Healing domes: Zarble can deploy up to 5 blue domes that can each fit one hunter. while in the dome you and your team have no contact and you cannot damage or be damaged. The dome slowly heals you while inside. You would try to enter a dome while the monster is’nt looking, which would mean it has to either destroy every dome in search of you or it must divert its attention to another hunter.

Ability 3 - Special - Hitchhike: Zarble attaches to a friendly hunter, as he is a slimy creature. The hunter in effect has no visual indication that he is carrying Zarble, except for the occasional healing burst coming from daisy.
Pros: Hunter gets 2x jetpack fuel (not health) and a chasing trapper could dome the monster then suddenly split into 2 hunters. Also, Assaults shield is your shield
Cons: If that hunter takes damage so does zarble, and his weapon effectiveness is reduced drastically
Ability 4 - Heal burst.
Gameplay: Zarble enhances stealth and chaos. his prmary weapon is a deployable, he can hide other hunters and he can hide in other hunters.


Blaze :support:

Description: He has amazing hair, like seriously, wow… He also has an amp on his shoulder and a weird looking glove.
Story: He is a moviestar and kinda arrogant, like nyteblade from saints row. He joined the team for publicity and was allowed to join because he upped the operation budget by about $60000000000000
Ability 1 - Damage Dealer - Sonic cannon: A guitar that he plays, but holds as a gun, the speaker on his shoulder amps the sound in the direction he is looking, it covers about a 60 degree angle in front of him, does low damage through walls and needs no reload, ever.
Ability 2 - Secondary - Booster rings: Rings that are planted on the ground. Up to 5 rings each fitting one hunter. While standing in the ring your ROF, Reload speed, Capacity and jetpack reload speed is increased.
Ability 3 - Special - Shield wall: He uses his glove to create a wall in front of him. The wall is shield dome material that similarly allows one way movement, in this case it’s from his direction to the monster. The wall dissipates after 10 seconds or 6 hits and is at a set angle to avoid attacks from above. The size of the wall and distance it is formed from blaze is displayed here on scale

It is also climbable
Ability 4: Cloak field
Gameplay: Blaze needs to stay out of sight the hole time, drop rings around the map, drop in with a shield when needed and retreat to damage the monster while hidden.


Calvin :trapper:

Description: This is Brecken from dying light, Calvin looks just like that minus the head injury.
Story: An aging personal trainer, Calvin was driven to planet taming by his midlife crysis in an atempt to prove to himself that he still “has it”. He is serious and a good leader, and the team seems to all like him, making him a prime replacement cabbot if cabbot is eaten.
Ability 1 - Damage - Tri-bow: A crossbow that fires 3 shots of 3 bows in a triangular pattern per clip, hit with all 3 for max damage.
Ability 2 - CC - Diversion Bow: A compound bow that shoots straight through the monster and sets up an arial harpoon trap behind it. Like so:

Only 2 active arrows at a time and the bow has a slow fire with a fast reload.
Ability 3 - Tracking method - Compass Beam: A sphere the Calvin balances on his index finger (Cause he’s hip) that projects a short beam (2 or 3 m) in the direction of the monster. It homes in on the largest Fauna, so at low monster levels it might be diverted if a tyrant or such is too close, but at level 3 it always points at the monster. To be funny pressing fire hops it into the air and balances it on his middle finger, cause why not.
Ability 4 - Dome
Gameplay: Standard trapperness, nothing too weird.


Kira :assault:
Description: A 12 year old boy with fuzzy hair and a laptop, he has a robot that looks like so

The robot has a very simple design and instead of joints he has nanites keeping him together at every part.
Story: Kira stowed away on the ship while they were picking up recruits and after he was caught managed to convince them to let him fight, on the premise that he uses his robot while he stays on the ship. So he sits behind his robot on the dropship with a controller (maybe what he is holding could be console dependent as a little easter egg) and follows gamer tropes like blaming death on the lag. If someone who died drops he is still sitting there and calls them a noob.
Ability 1 - Primary - Lazerbeam: The robots one arm ia a lazer with a bunch of beams that when fired would converge and lock on to the monster (like the damage amp) doing moderate damage at extreme ranges with high projectile speed.
Ability 2 - Secondary - Guided pulse emittor: When the fire button is held the plates that his one arm consists of spin, creating a large ball of energy, this grows up to the size of a behemoth. the pulse will dissipate after ten seconds and can be sent forward by pressing fire, backwards by pressing aim or detonated by pressing both. It is a slow weapon with huuuuge burst damage potential used to punish immobile monsters. If it is held on the monster for the entire 10 seconds it match the orbital barrage for damage.
Ability 3 - Special - Nanite swarm: A teammate is selected in the same manner as the medical drone. This teammate is surrounded in a thick cloud of nanites which return any damage the monster does (without negating the effect on the hunter) and hides the hunter identity. The monster could spend five attacks and half a segment of health just to find out he was punching daisy.
Ability 4: Personnal shield
Gameplay: As far as Assaults go Kira has the most range and is probably worse off closer to the monster


Reaper :monster: (Repost)

Description: A Skeletal monster covered in thick black sludge. It has a tripod shape, Rows upon rows of teeth as its only facial feature, 2 extendable deatscythe arms, an exposed spine, slimy footprints, a club tail, Part of its exposed tail being its’ critical hit zone. It is inspired by mephistos from devil may cray, large mantis like creatures who fly around in thick fog that also shields them.
Melee: Standard claw slashes.
Traversal: Scythezip, the monster extends his arms, jabs them into the ground far away and quickly pulls itself to that location.
Health: Low armor, but high health.
Ability 1: Teethshot - Just like a shotgun the reaper blasts a few of his teeth forward, spreading further apart with distance.
Ability 2: Gather - The reaper slashes with both arms from its backside, pushing all hunters surrounding it right into his face, the perfect position for a tooth blast.
Ability 3: Slime Bomb - The Reaper gathers slime in a ball above its’ head and forces it into the ground in front of it, causing a massive impact and knockback effect.
Ability 4: Acid cloud - The reaper breathes outh a cloud that floats upwards and rains down acid, the cloud moves forward at about banshee mine speed and the acid creats AOE puddles.


Map: Island Resort :earth_africa:

This is a picture of a tourist attraction here in SA and I waas thinking it’s perfect, it has veticality, with the lower levels filled with water, thus the hunters would push for a higher fight while the monster pulls them lower. I was thinking it could also be an Island resort with small huts and a few larger hotellish areas on the upper levels.
Evacuation bonuses: Monster: The monster breaks into the suppliment vault and eats literal tonnes of the stuff, the next round he has an increased metabolism and reloads stamina/abilities faster.
Hunters: The rich vacationgo-ers sponsor a huge sum of money that is used to upgrade equipment, Faster reload speed and higher capacity next round.


Lol damn marauders XD


Round 3…
Anette :medic:
Description: A newer, slimmer model of Bucket’s chassis, in blue, with a large shield and a similar looking gun arm and a ladyvoice.
Story: Cabbot decided to get a new toy for the team, but was tired of the sarcasm that is bucket, thus Anette has no personality. Her lines are for e.g. “Healing assigned role: Trapper” or “Firing on megafauna, codename: Kraken”. Bucket has a little crush on her but she is not programmed to feel back.
Ability 1 - Damage - Needlegun: A gun/arm that fires needles at an extremely high rate for low but consistent damage.
Ability 2 - Healing mechanism - Healing UAV, Similar to the healing drome, buuuuut you target the monster, not the designated teammate, the uav proceeds to fly, unmanned, trying to remain behind the monster, and medgunning teammates. It has a bit more health than sunnys drone and a slow recharge.
Ability 3 - Special - Shield: She has a shield that can be used while firing by holding the special button. If a melee attack does 5 damage the shield blocks 4, and has a 150 capacity, it does not reload and is rendered unusable upon breaking. It also completely stops knockback, and does not reduce speed, making her a tank that is best useed to literally jump in front of attacks.
Ability 4 - Heal burst


Xavier :support:

Description: I know xavier was intended to be female, but that looks just like sunny, se he is a male.
Story: No wow backstory, he just joined because he wanted to help people.
Ability 1 - Damage Dealer - Burst Rifle: A rifle with pinpoint accuracy and 18 bullets per clip, that fires 3 at a time with a slight delay between shots.
Ability 2 - Secondary - Holographic Projector: A beam that, when fired upon a teammate, creates 2 copies of that teammate without hiding the real one, the way the copies are formed should she random (jetpack out or stay in place as the person moves, etc,) so the monster doesn’t know which character is real from any set patterns, the decoys do no damage, but only fire when the actual hunter is firing.

Ability 3 - Special - Damage absorbing tomahawk: A tomahawk that when thrown creates a weakspot like target on the monster, after 8 seconds it explodes, doing the exact amount of damage that was done to the spot in those seconds. So the team if supposed to focus fire on that spot and get a nice burst of damage afterwards.
Ability 4 - Cloak field


I don’t know where this is going, I will save this for future reading. But I will say that we need more Spore-crafted monsters for ideas. +1 cupcake for you! Keep them coming.


Aurora :trapper:

Description: A ladyscientist with glasses and red curly hair.
Story: She is a conservationist/doctor/hippy who came to shear to protect its natural fauna, her weapons are crafted around her love for animals, as her weapon is horrible against wildlife but great against monsters. If she is grabbed by a Tyrant she says “You know what, I’m okay with this.”
Ability 1 - Damage - Elephant cannon: The biggest gun ever, inspired by harkonnen from hellsing, it fires a single, 30cm radius shell with the highest single shot damage in the game, and a 7 second reload.

Ability 2 - CC - Foamgun: A hose like weapon that sprays foamy packing fluid all over the monster, slowing it, but only while it is being fired upon, it has a huge clip.
Pros: The monster has no way to stop you from spraying and you can go on firing for like 25 seconds.
Cons: You can’t switch away, at all.
It fires kinda like the icing gun from saints row

Ability 3: Tracking mechanism - Seed pocket: She plants a plant, that grows slowly (up to 5 can be placed) This plant picks up destruction within its radius iow if a sneaking monster breaks a tree or doesnt eat a killed creature within a certain amount of time, the plant shows you. They start off as small plants with small radiuses, but within 3 minutes of planting them 5 should be able to cover the entire map if placed right. They should be hidden well. and can grow up to minion size
Ability 4: Dome