My Hunter idea. Jayson the Support


I played Evolve big Alpha, and it was fun. Sadly I did not check my emails earlier, so I could of played it since October 30, but whatever. Now I asked the question “Will you guys ever take idea” Or something like that, and said I had an idea for one. One of Mods said I should post on the forums. So that’s why, this is here. Now let me tell you about my idea. His name is Jayson the Support (his name is based on my real name). This is what he can do.

Xray Goggles: Jayson has goggles, that allow him to see through walls for a short distance (or maybe longer). This allows to see the Monster, or nearby Wild Life. While using it, he cannot shoot.

Cloak: The Cloak every Support has

Robotic Tail: Jayson has this tail on him. Which has AI like Buckets Turrets. This tail, will shoot what Jayson is shooting, with his weapon. It will even still shoot, when down (not dead tho).

The CZ Blaster: This is Jayson main weapon. You can do 2 thing with it. You can charge it up, and do moderate damage to the Monster, or he can shoot little bursts. If the burst hits the ground, it will create a short flame, which acts like a trap. If the monster steps on it, the monster will start burning. The flame will go away, if 20 seconds pass, or the monster steps on it.

That’s his abilities, now how about his looks? His in a yellow and cyan armor, and has white gloves. And his xray goggles, are on his head.

And that’s about it. Tell me what you think, in the comments.

PS: I just missed alot of the stream XD.


Always post suggestions. The great thing about creativity is you never know what you say/do/hear that may spark an entirely new character/monster etc…

That being said!


I have no idea if you are saying he is bad, good or average :P.


I like some of the ideas. The picture was merely just referencing using goggles. Nothing more nor less.