My hopes for Monster Arctic skin

Everybody who owns Evolve received the Goliath Arctic skin with the patch that included Lennox. I’m hoping the next Hunter patch, we all get Kraken Arctic skin. Followed by Wraith Arctic skin the next patch. Then when the last Hunter is released, Behemoth owners get the Behemoth Arctic Skin. Then the T5 Arctic skin for Hunting Season pass 2 owners (Arachnid hybrid with blue stripes and bright green eyes, SICK!). Ok I’m done, thank you for your time.

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That is actually a very good idea and I didn’t think of that

I like this idea for the base Monsters. :grin: Might look weird on Behemoth though. Besides, his skins are usually different. Not bundled/grouped with the others.

P.S. It is called “Frostbite” not “Arctic” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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