My Goliath Quality of Life Wishlist


Hello all. Here are a couple of ideas I’ve had to help out our main monster, Goliath. Just wanted to share them with the community, and if any devs find them compelling, might lead to some changes for Goliath. Let me know what you think.

Ability Improvements:

Leap Smash:

  1. Give Leap Smash the same ability that Lennox’s Thunderstrike has to hit targets in mid-air. I’ve “hit” many mid-air targets with leap smash countless time due to them jetpacking upwards, but since they are out of the very end explosion, they take no damage. It seems strange to me that a giant monster jumping mid air gently brushes past the hunters in mid-air. Perhaps it can have the same drag effect that Charge has, and pulls the hunter along with Goliath towards the smash’s end explosion.

  2. Give Leap Smash the ability to target walls at any point in the trajectory. Currently, if you try to leap smash a wall, it will only work on the downward trend of the arc, and even then, it feels buggy, while it tries to create a full arc of movement. This change is mostly to counter roaching. I can imagine the animation of this ability being a jump into a shoulder slam into the wall.

Rock Throw:

  1. Allow for “left handed” rock throws. Nothing is more frustrating than having the rock you just picked up explode in your face because of a nearby wall on your right side. You already can detect that a wall is nearby when monsters attempt to evolve, so I’m wondering if it would be difficult to apply this detection to the rock throw; making Goliath pick up rocks on the correct side of his body when near walls.


  1. Allow Charge to be used to attack and climb up walls. As it currently stands, I think charge is under utilized due to its lack of utility and of how easy it is to dodge. Couple that with it doing less damage than Leap Smash, and I’m fairly confident that the majority of Goliath players only take one point in it. Some added utility may make the ability more fun to use and justify the full 3 points it rarely sees.

General: Goliath’s Movement

  1. Allow for more smooth movements throughout the world. I believe Deanimate (often) best describes Goliath’s movement in a single word: “clunky”. I have to agree with this, as Goliath seems to get stuck or hung up on any and every piece of terrain/wildlife/tree branch in existence. This clunkiness becomes especially apparent around trees, especially unbreakable ones. What makes it even worse, is that as Goliath evolves, he gets bigger, which leads him to hit more objects in the world, and take longer to get around stuff. This likely contributes to the perception that monsters get slower as they evolve; the larger the model, the more space you take up, and longer it takes to get around things. Pillar humping vs a Stage 3 is extremely common, and quite frustrating to play against. I’d like to see Goliath able to tear through breakable terrain with more ferocity, and able to move around pillars more closely to catch them pesky hunters.


This thread. I like it. Good ideas.


The rock throw sides sound great. They could also possibly remove the clipping so it passes through the obstruction if you are that close. May be easier then redoing a bunch of animations.

I’m not a programmer so that could just make more problems.


with the exception of the left handed rock throw, people have been asking for all of these fixes since the game came out


I agree with all of this


Rock Throw should come from directly over his head, and charge needs to do more damage. Charge isn’t very useful right now considering it can’t attack anyone up cliffs.


Wish I could escape Leap smash damage by just being in the air, I get caught by leap smash if I’m not only at monster’s head height but also outside the visual UI of the radius of effect. :’(

Charge generally, IMO, is something you use to either traverse, or to bomb through hunters really close to you already (no dodging there).

I don’t think Charge should change re: climbing walls, but I do think it should be a lot more forgiving of small terrain deviations. I think that leads more into your Goliath movement suggestions though :slightly_smiling:

We do know they have air control being tested right now for inclusion, so hopefully that works and gets into the game because I feel that’ll help a lot of fighting situations feel less clunky.


i agree with all except the charge. however the “longer to get around things” is also a perception thing. takes the same amount of time for a stage 1 goliath to walk around a pillar than a stage 3 goliath


I noticed charge does some damage in one instant. I think it would be better if charge does dot while a hunter is being knocked back


Like Meteor Goliath does with Charge? Like it burns them?


I believe he means more like fire breath of acid spray and lavabomb. It damages them during the entire charge as a dps effect around Goliath during it.


i haven’t really played meaty a lot but does his charge do dot while the hunter is being tumbled or is it after meaty has hit a hunter with charge then the hunter will be receiving dot because of the burn


I believe after because of the burn.

What I would like to see for Goliath is for Dash to be removed and replaced with something like this:

  • Earthquake: Goliath smashes into the ground causing Hunters to temporary be slowed down, while also receiving DoT

So the above ability will be less stronger, but will make it easier for Goliath to follow up with a Leap Smash or a Rock Throw


I think that’d be too inconsistent.

Take Vortex for example. It “knocks you back” multiple times if it catches you on top of a high cliff or whatever, causing the Hunter to roll back multiple times.

However, the damage is only inflicted on the first hit. Vortex and Charge are both programmed to only be allowed to deal damage once per Hunter.
Imagine if it only did 50% of its current damage but inflicts it every time it hits you and causes you to roll back.

Would that not create many questionable situations where you might feel cheated by terrain if it only hits the Hunter once instead of twice or thrice?
Would you not be annoyed by obstruction causing your Charge to end early?

I like the damage better as it is, 1 hit. Just like with Goliath’s other abilities safe for Fire Breath.
Though of course I’m all for more generous allowed angles.

As soon as the first hit damages the Hunter, he applies the typical 6 seconds burn DoT he does with every other ability.