My Goliath is getting destroyed by Lazarus


I feel like I’m fighting terminators or something. :grimacing:

I all but win the match as Goliath (who I love!), turn my back and BOOM! I’m facing a full complement of hunters again.

As I understand it, Lazarus can bring back any team mate, even dead ones.

So what’s the strategy here? How do I win if they’ve got Lazarus on their team?



Kill the lazarus. Corpse camp. If you get trapped the best thing to do is kill the trapper and haul ass out until stage 3. You’re not going to get strikes in a dome unless they are incredibly bad. Also be aware that Firebreath does NOT stop lazarus from ressing. If you notice him go for a res while you’re using it you will have to physically walk into him to move him away from the corpse. You could be extremely ballsy and take faster eating in hopes of eating the corpse before a laz comes and gets him but that only generally works as wraith. Laz won’t be too hard to focus down at stage 2/3 even with a hank. Once you have a level 3 nuke (my preferred is rock throw) it takes one of those + any other skill to destroy a shield and then you can go ham on the laz.


Thanks Atriax - I’ll try that later!


Do the same as everyone else in this game. Spend 15 mins running/hiding; fight for 1 minute. Seems to work almost every time.


Remember that if you kill the laz, no one is healing. And even when he’s alive, heals are much less frequent. This means unless they have hank, you are able to beat down anyone you want for minimal penalty. If you get domed and want to leave, focus the trapper and ONLY the trapper. Laz cannot heal him until he dies and the dome will be down.

The only time Laz can be a right pain is when combined with Hank, but that’s true of any medic. Keep an eye out for laz popping his cloak, if you’re body camping then ensure he can’t get to the body, try to bait him in by leaving it for a moment, watch for his jetpack trail then jump on him. If he’s popped clock and come back in then that’s a free kill for you.

VS hank you will likely have to down hank then use this tactic. Against decent laz team’s I’ve forced them into making standard revives with pressure. Once laz is dead don’t be afraid to make lots of little attacks and get armour in between. They will be losing health and you will be gaining back armour.

Edit- Also yes always take fire breath vs laz. It won’t stop him ressing but you’ll be able to track him invis or finish him when he bursts away.


My favorite two tactics vs laz is to damage all hunters as much as I can without killing anyone, then start taking them down as fast as I can. I can usually get 2 hunters downed, sometimes all 3. Then laz has to come in to save the day, but well, that is a lot to rez and cloak only lasts so long and if 1 hunter is left with laz, then they have very low health and will die quickly. But this often times overwhelms a laz and you can take advantage of that.

The other tactic I like to use is choose your fights next to wildlife, especially nomads. I do this often anyway, but with laz, its really effective as the wildlife will damage the hunters a lot but if laz is not careful, they will get him also.

2 things that happened in different matches was once assault got downed by a tyrant, hunters killed the tyrant and laz went to rez the assault, but rezzed the tyrant instead(they were on top of each other when dead/down) and the tyrant took a chunk out of laz’s face. Fantastic!

This other time, a nomad kicked him off of a rez because of the slight decloak and I followed and destroyed him once he was found.


Even if Lazarus gets a revive, all is not lost.

Just be sure to kill him once your on him, and you win.


I personally like fighting a team that has Laz. He is almost useless in a fight Since his only healing ability is the health burst. Once the fighting starts i focus on one specific hunter Usually support after putting a hunter down i look for Laz as he will scramble to resurrect his fallen teamate. I personally like to leave trapper for last unless i really need to get away. This ensures that none of the hunters can escape the battle while the dome is up. Without support or medic the other hunters are easy prey.



Try not to change focus. Kill a hunter then try to eat him or camp his corpse if his teammates won’t let you eat him. Use it as bait. When you see Laz, go all in to kill him. Don’t let up. Especially as Goliath, 2 or 3 points in fire breath by stage 2 will help you a lot against a Laz.


Beware the focus down method at later levels now me time kinda yells out what the Goliath is doing as the one being chased dances around a rock.


Generally, if i play up against a team with a Lazarus on it (and i choose goliath) i start out with 1 in rock throw and 2 in flamethrower, and distribute points to make both those 3 when i Evolve.

Grab full armor, get close to a lot of “hostile” wildlife, set off birds, and sneak and wait for the hunters.

Eventually at least one of them (for reasons i can’t understand) will show up at the birds, occasionally alone, occasionally with his entire team. At which point i wait for a clear shot on Lazarus, and immediately smash him with the rock before they realize i’m there, and then go to work destroying the rest of their team because he immediately cloaks.

Smash the rest of the team, clear any turrets from bucket or otherwise any traps, notice his cloak has ran out, and absolutely murderfy Lazarus, then proceed to either finish the job or take my leave.

If the enemy team is bad and i don’t take a bunch of damage while on top of him, i’ll finish the job.

If i lose say 4 or 5 bars of health just for killing Lazarus once, and they’re all running and i forgot to kill the support, i’ll probably go find the Albino Tyrant and then Stage 3, at which point i’m much stronger :slight_smile: and the fight is easier with Lazarus having at least 1 strike.


Never corpse camp. Just pretend you are leaving the corpse.


That is key. Be nearby, though, and have fire breath ready.


I find myself questioning who the medic is and if you do too, remember the player name of who it is. It will help you in the long run. Seeing the actual character often times is a pain in the ads.


eating the corpses is best bet tho the powers come in very useful

  • leap/rock throw are very useful to randomly attack a corpse when you think Laz is going in for the revive
  • charge is good keep away
  • probably the best (in this circumstance) thee flame thrower as it will reveal the cloaked Laz for you to finish him off with you claws


Strikes on Laz.

Do this by a) initiate the fight on him to force a reactive cloak b)incap someone but contrary to popular advice don’t camp, let laz reveal himself, then wail on him. Stay close enough to the body to force a cloak though. As a lazurus man I try to never cloak the first incap, if there is a somewhat safe gap i won’t.

Don’t take excessive damage trying to camp/eat a body. If you loose that battle that is how laz wins the war. Health management and knowing when to invest it is crucial.

Strikes against those who aid laz, supports and trap layers, are prime targets.


You gotta kill Lazerus first I always go for his annoying ass first whenever the Hunters pick him. It’s so satisfying when you kill him and you’re like ha try reviving yourself you can’t do that :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Easier said then done but here’s how I do it. Damage team mates go for incaps only. Make the other hunters half men before killing lazzie. Once lazzie is gone, murder the halfmans.
Teabag the corpse and corpse camp.


just eat the bodys


In theory you just kill Lazarus first but against good teams this is easier said than done and not only that but he’ll have two cloaks that will be used on him as the need arises. It’s actually easier at first to either pick the support and put him down (especially if he’s Hank) and then go straight for Lazarus or just down the Trapper and escape without taking damage. If you have enough hp at S3 you can afford to absolutely make certain the body stays a body and Lazarus dies.