My gold skins have gone


My gold skins have completely gone from the custom setting for monster i had them used them all the time and now they gone, why? isit a bug or have they been removed for everyone?


It’s a bug. Changed it to that category.


Tried unlinking and relinking your My@k account?


Ok so will i get my skins back or what an i will try unlinking my 2k account on the game?


Give it a try.


Generally speaking, this is the fix for a massive chunk of lost DLC problems. Apparently it’s stored on 2K’s side or something.


well i unlinked my 2k account and i got them back but do i relink my 2k account back to evolve or should i just leave it?


and thanks for the help


Relink, it should be fixed.No problem, happy to help.


Seeing as you’re clearly finished here. Nice work helping him recover the skins, gentlemen.

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