My God, the people of Shear are screwed


Lazarus never heals members who are still walking and Maggie cannot seem to follow her TRAIL SNIFFING DOG. What happened since beta. I mean I see trappers right on top of the monster… no dome. I have met a few decent players, but mostly it’s just trash players and trying to give them some advice about cutting the monster off backfires. I want to enjoy this game, but being grouped with players who won’t take any sort of advice and are no good is disheartening. I’m not even talking about the new player learning, even new players know how to use the dome. The not following Daisy is sort of acceptable, but after saying "Hey follow Daisy don’t make her come to you " doesn’t work it leaves the realm of acceptable.

Having fun… just frustrated.



yeah we’re fucked


its called a huge influx of players who are playing for the first time. hell ive only been playing since the last beta.


The game hasnt even been out a week, give it time.


This. I was pretty bad when I first started in Big Alpha…think I went like 6 matches with Goliath before my first win. And I STILL miss domes now and then (and not even just against wraith). But by about level 20/25 things will start to get really good; you’ll see. And if you stick with it to level 40, I best most games will feel fun/competitive.


How much time have you logged in the release version? I have found that once I hit, I dunno, maybe level 10 or even less, the matchmaking was generally putting me with decent players. Otherwise, find folks on the forums to play with. We’re not all top notch tournament players, but most of us at least understand the theory of what we’re supposed to be doing. I’ve also found so far that the forum goers are generally easy to play with, no fuss and no drama. So far, anyway. :smile:


Give it a chance lad. Make a good game and the good players will come.


i find it funny when people yell at me for being a bad trapper and missing the dome when ive probably had like 4 matches total as trapper my entire career.


Its more of them not taking any advice about it. Typing or voice chatting and telling them things does nothing. I’m no pro but I like sharing tips I learned through being lucky enough to play in Alpha and Beta.


There may be some merit to your observations, but I like to think of things a bit differently. Case in point, I was playing as Maggie (during BETA) and we (the Hunters) engaged the Monster (a Stage 2 Goliath).

As soon as the Monster saw our team he charged us. And an epic battle ensued. So here’s where my thinking may differ. As a Trapper, I know what my job is, but based on the current situation, my job changes.

I was of course yelled at by some Support player who felt he knew everything about the game asking, much like you. “Why is there no dome yet? WTF Trapper do your job!?”

In my opinion, I am doing my job. The monster and us are engaged and I have my Harpoons out and Machine Pistol going. I didn’t have a mic set up so I couldn’t respond to my irate teammate and I wasn’t about to stop and type out what strategy means, so I ignored him and kept on shooting.

Now the Monster’s health begins to go low so he starts to change his behavior. He’s not charging anymore. So I quickly pull out the arena and now here comes the dome and a slew of “wow you finally do your job” comments by the amazing support player.

“Winner Winner, Monster Dinner.”

I feel like I used the dome at the best possible time to ensure our team’s success. My irate team member however, did not.

Perhaps one day he’ll see this post, most likely not though. So the point of all of this? Hey, the game just came out so perhaps the person really has no idea what they’re doing. Or, maybe they do and it’s you that has to start looking at things differently. Who knows. What I can say though is give it time. People are still learning.


I think I had like 9 losses, then 40 consecutive wins. Such fun.

I still miss domes rarely, because I’m not a Trapper main, but again, I’ve improved vastly. I’m sure everybody else will too.