My Gift to TRS - Turtle Rock Logo Pins


Been a while in coming and still a bit in progress but…I’ve been wanting to give back to TRS for quite a while and ever since creating the class medallions, which seems so long ago, had been trying to find a way to do something like that for the entire TRS staff. I know there are over 100 people there now, so making the medallions just wasn’t an option since they were so time consuming and I’m just one person. So another idea came to me, which was making a pinback of the logo. It would only take a single mold and 2 colors, so production was more reasonable for those numbers.

Originally I wanted to put Turtle Rock Studios beneath the turtle…but it was just too much text and too tiny for me to work out. It would also make the pin too large overall and that increases weight. Then I thought of having just TRS, but it looked clunky and dominated the piece since the letters were oversized. So, long story short I stuck with the turtle only, and the weight should be decent enough to wear as a pin. Some pieces are a bit fatter than others, but every piece is made and painted by hand so is unique.

So that has been my semi-secret I’ve been holding on to. I was supposed to unveil this at the same time as Wraith, but I’m just a little late. I am hoping to get them all finished and shipped out by release week, so cross your fingers. At the very least…it’ll be sooooon!

Sledge's Art Corner

Holy crap lady, these are AMAZING!


Yeah, these are awesome. :blush:




But are they made of turtle, or rock?


Super cool @SledgePainter !


@TurtlePainter… wait… that’s not right…

Lol, those are awesome Sledge.


Good job :stuck_out_tongue:


So cool! :smile:


Very impressive :slight_smile:


Woot - some great stuff there @SledgePainter


That looks awesome!


Glad you guys are all liking it!


Awesome work.


I’ll take ten!


Awww that’s cute! :blush:


Rock and roll! Those look great! You always make the coolest stuff sledge. Well done!


At LONG last…I managed to finish painting the pins! For some reason I didn’t expect to have to paint 2 layers on each one so that slowed me down more than I expected. But the real reason I was slow on these was half Turtle Rock’s fault…in all honestly. I was all geared up to have these completed and shipped out by release week and then the Hunter’s Quest App dropped. At the same time, they handed the moderators a preview copy of Evolve…I tried - I really did! - to balance my time between the pins and all that awesome but as you know, Evolve being OP as it is, I just couldn’t pull it off. I’ve been juggling playing Evolve, the App, and modding the forums so these got done a little late. The new plan is to get these completed and shipped by the end of the month when Behemoth comes…because once he does the game will PULL ME BACK IN and all hope is lost! Now all I have to do is wait on the clear coat to dry and add the pin backs. Hope that won’t take too long.

Now, there are 125 Grey TRS logo pins…that should be enough for everyone in the company plus extras for peeps you pick up along the way, or for handing out. The 2 golden pins are for @SlabOMeat and @MacMan, and the red pins are for all of the moderators, with an extra in case we get a new one. I’ll ship those all out. The two sets of class medallions can be given to your main Livestream teams/players. I have to remind myself to go get chains for those.

Anyway, that’s the update. Hope to be shipping these pretty soon!


OUTDAMNSTANDING! they look great!


Incredible work!