My general feedback on the current state of the game


1st of all, add a feedback category to forums XD

I’ve been playing the game every day since Stage 2 release.
Treat me as a player who is new, but don’t treat me as a noob, more of a person that’s good, has some experience already but is new to the game and isn’t good with advanced stuff etc.

General game and it’s idea is amazing, it’s cool to be put as a 4 man team against a big lump of meat that later in the game is sth that you’re supposed to be afraid of.
Balancing is almost fine, the thing is obv Wraith and Gorgon are the go to pubstomping monsters atm. Maybe Krakens are as well I dunno, the most trouble I had playing against was Gorgon.

I don’t have much experince with different medics, but from what I have seen so far I was either playing with very bad ones, or really differing medics.
For example Rouge Val has one of the best DPS as well as healing capabilities.
Her med gun along with healing aura is pretty good and her “4th” heal almost 100% her health.
Caira on the other hand is kinda lackluster since the only thing she’s good at is healing others. Her nade launcher doesn’t heal herself enough. You need to have someone like Sunny on your team to be able to do enough.
I don’t have really any problem with balancing of hunters really tbh.

But, I think that the game is Hunter sided atm.
1st of all, Hunters are almost as fast as monster (srsly sometimes when I was trying to escape as wraith, across the whole mup in a straight line I had hunters on my tail like about 150 meters away.
2ndly- map design favors hunters due to the fact there are many open areas and maps are kinda “circles” with few bumps which hunters can cut to easily catch the monster.
Weather Control is a really good map that is in my opinion really balanced since the monster can go into some caves and there are floors to this map meaning a monster can juke into going over the map and the not only change his direction but go below (and hunters can still split up to catch the monster). Of course I’m not saying that you should redesign all the maps again, no… It’s just a feedback.

UI needs some “buffs” (lol). Like the rewards for leveling etc.
On the topic of leveling rewards, if you gain a rank of a perk with a lvl up, don’t increase it’s cost in keys since you didn’t buy it. It’s kinda counter intuitive (and courtesy for those newbies for whom it takes ages to get any smalles amount of keys) that if you want to lvl up your perk with keys you have to do it before you rank it up by leveling up.

Lastly- founders got a “buff” recently.
Please keep calling out that “founders are already better/more experienced than you, it doesn’t make a difference” or “perks don’t really do that much”.
1st of all, if founders are already better than me, why would you even widen the gap between them and new players?
Secondly if perks really don’t do that much than why are you using them?
There is a thread out there that ppl were making a goddamn fuss about it.
I was trying to prove this point with many arguments but ppl (I’m not gonna call out names, no) were still giving me the same argument “they’re much more experienced than you”.
Well, it’s somewhat like comparing a person that has to use a pickaxe to dig the mines and a person that uses freaking dynamite and the TNT worker is already better at digging than the digger.
If he’s better than I dunno, give him a chance to show off, you’re expecting me to dig better with a freaking shovel than HIM? I know that you ppl will keep flaming in the comments and keep saying it doesn’t make a difference. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You know what difference? Difference that DISCOURAGES me frome getting as good as they are bcs they will still be ahead of me.

I understand that founders invested money in this game and we’re playing it for free, but there were better ways to solve this problem. Like giving a bunch of skins for them and exclusive stuff that they can show off and ppl can say “Wow this guy is the man!”.

I’m not saying you should now take what you have gave them, no don’t do it srsly it’s fine, that happened and I’m okay with that, I want you devs to think about what you can do for newer players to encourage them to stick with your game and get better.

(To the devs, like pretty much whole post) And please if you read that, say in the comments sth like “thx @RadioLarity for leaving some stuff that we can work with and think about” or at least “U scrub @RadioLarity get some skill m8 and come back l8r”.

And thanks to you devs that you actually stay vocal in the forums, you can see that you stick around here read some of this stuff and comment around, some these ppl are just like me wishing to get heard by you guys and I appreciate you actually give signs that you indeed do that.

Thank you to all who actually read that wall of text as well.

I think after this post I’m gonna stick to the shadows cause I can’t stand the flame that I recently got and most likely will get again.


Not trying to be a jerk but stage 2 ins’t even out time enough for you to be an experienced player even if you played everyday since release.

I do agree playing without perks is a great advantage, but you are actually buying for diversity, not power. You can simply level all jet perks for hunters for exemple and play everyone on them. JP perks and some others and you can easily compete against founders by having a single category maxed out.
Right now this is kinda of an issue, but founders have the beneffit of variety. Having the luxury to buy differente perks and having a huge roster to play with. Free players may play with their rotation characters and quicly upgrade some general use perks. Than you either slowly grind unlockables without spending a single cent or eventually when money gets in you start buy some characters and perks. f2p should mean everyone can get a good taste of the game but you must have some reason to invest some cash so they can keep running. In this case it’d be variety as you are techically as strong as anyone else on your single rotation hunter/monster with level 3 perks.


If you’re saying I can’t have any expierience then I think you weren’t playing with those ppl that launch defense matrix when monster doesn’t attack them at all and medics that never heal and trappers that follow every single monster footstep even when they have done a big circle around a pillar.
Seriously, I know by now how to plan my attacks when to to launch what and how to cut off my path, juke the hunters, and generally maximize my effectivity etc.

And thank you for at least partly aggreeing with me on the founder “buff” I get what you’re all saying and I agree as well on what you have said. It’s kinda right. It’s just that you can’t hope to get any close to them atm.
Let them have it, it’s fine. I’m just bringing some light on the situation from newbie perspective.


I’m not telling you are bad. Sure you are better than most of newcomers, I’m just saying that sound a tad lot you are overconfident on your general game knowledge. I’ve been playing since Evolve Alpha and played a lot after the level cap until brazilian servers got mostly empty and I’d say one month from now you probably think how silly were things you didn’t realize before about this game. I honestly don’t even think I’m near some old vets from around here who haven’t ever stopped playing this game and sometimes their feedback about higher level play differs a lot from mine till I start paying more atention on my games about what they said.

Again on the subject of winrate of founders vs freemium, mostly this issue happens only because current matchmaking takes player level in account for quickplay which is a terrible mistake, IMO. quickplay shouldn’t aim to have s “perfectly even match” game as ranked but they at least should aim for skill rating when pairing teams so if you are stomping people - be it by perk advantage or sheer skill - you should play against other players having a free time winning.


Hey dude, thanks for the feedback. We will keep it in mind as we tune the experience for new players!


I generally agree with your post, but this is a catch 22 situation for TRS. On the one hand you are 100% right, it seems odd that Founders should get a hand up to be even more useful in a fight against newbies. I’m looking forward to people getting to the same level so that the difference because of perks can be ruled out.

That said… you’ve surely seen what some founders are like around here, they can’t accept they’ve gotten good value out of the game (and some may be recent purchasers so possibly haven’t got value out of the game), and so the idea of only giving them skins and badges when they put the hours in to unlock everyting in Legacy feels, to them, like a bit too much of an undermining of their efforts in the previous game.

Like many things, TRS can’t quite win on this issue, whatever they choose :frowning:


Yeah, can’t disagree with you there.


This is really good feedback.:+1: And I defiantly agree the monsters do need a little bit more speed.