My gaming podcast is about to hit 5000 downloads this month!

I am the Co-Host of a gaming podcast and we have had a crazy good month! In every episode the host asks me what I have been playing and in pretty much every episode I say Evolve! Here is a link to our libsyn! So if you listen to podcasts and want to try a new one it’d be great if you could help us hit the 5000 download mark for this Month. We just started in June and have almost 10000 downloads total so this has all been pretty awesome!

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Dont have that much time to listen to it, but thats cool!

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I listen to lots of podcasts :). I’ll try to check this one out! It’d be nice to have one that doesn’t dump on Evolve


A lot of people especially amateur podcasts like mine only go based off of what they heard. I am sure I have said some negative stuff about the game but it is mostly positive. I am gonna try to get the host and one of our guests to play with me on customs soon.

######Can’t find a good image anywhere except ones that said “You did it!” D:
######Nvm fixed it!

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5113 was our final number!