My Gameplay Feedback


Many bugs need to be ironed out.

MUST HAVE (cant believe we still live in an age where people havnt figured out how to implement proper multiplayer) THE ABILITY TO MAKE A NEW GAME IN PVP (means I want to be the host/party leader of a brand new game and wait for other players to join me)! (dont come in here saying “use custom game” cause that doesnt work the way it SHOULD)

Constantly joining maps already in progress only be surrounded by hunters right from the start is just stupid (herpa derpa GG??)

Fix cursor bug.
Nerf Wraith.
Buff Kracken. (only slightly)
Buff Goliath. (only slightly)
Nerf Hunters. (only slightly)
Make some kind of penalty to monsters that just want to troll and run away the entire match. (Ive joined multiple maps with troll monsters that do not even attempt to Eat, Fight, or Sneak. they just equip the run speed perk and trollolololol in a giant circle around the map for 30 minutes)
Add a Symbol next to each Hunters Health Bars (that only the hunters can see) indicating who is what class. Healer should get a little blue +, etc.
The map…why is it constantly flashing on the outside edges? Do you want people have a seizur?? Also its freaking annoying. Stop it.

-end of things needing work, for now-