My game updated today, is the micropatch out?


I didn’t get to see how big it was, because I was making juice at the time that I logged into steam by the time I started the game it said that an update is finished…

Sadly I couldn’t play because something messed up happen and I had to go somewhere.


I thought it was only like 65 mb, so no, not the micropatch


What do u think that was? I’m on my phone and still won’t be able to get home for a couple for days.


Micropatches, IIRC, aren’t downloaded outside the game. They are downloaded when you hit the “multiplayer” menu item inside evolve. I may be wrong, but I don’t have a download for Evolve on my steam download history either :confused:


I never knew it worked like that, since I’m on PC I assume micropatches were just downloaded like normal patches because master race …I mean no approval time from manufactures.


I think it was a Steam derp. Multiple users have reported that all of their games suddenly downloaded a tiny update, though I don’t think it was even remotely close to —

Might be something else. I’ve so far not noticed any downloads on my Steam client.


Maybe it’s just a security update… :tara_knows:


I believe what Rick said is right, last night Steam was having some issues and this morning I woke up to see random games in my library just having teeeeeny tiny updates, though Evolve wasn’t one of those.

@sony_view Do you mind if I close this? I’m very certain if it were the micropatch we would have been told and the notes would be out :stuck_out_tongue: (Do note, if they choose to, a dev may respond to this when it’s closed.)



I havent confirmed yet but I think Steam may have changed something on their end, possibly how titles are packaged? This may have caused a small download for random titles that may be using the thing that Steam changed. I can confirm the build hasn’t changed and the Micropatch is not out yet…I’m the one that flips that switch.

FYI - A Micropatch is downloaded inside the game and is data only, it doesn’t require a Steam update.

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@Gertz thanks
@ToiletWraith yah you can close up, we’ve learned what we needed.