My funny story, has this happen to you? or something similar?


entered the game as a wraith, it was going normal staged 2 in 3 min, then i start spooking every bird in my field of advantage to fight the hunters, 5 min later they didnt come… soo i start looking for them, and i find them getting killed by both a sloth and a tyrant >.>

one survivor left i dont hit him… i push him with my wraith body towards the tyrant and win…

yay? i won? i guess?


Tyrant FTW. I use to get a lot of those back in the day.


well im lvl 40 and it was with a lvl 40 group >.> soo yeah i was like wtf when did this turn to lvl 20 or less? lol


Yeah i would make sure to get domed with a Tyrant, just so i can push them into him. Gotta feed my boy Gator.


Stage 1 goliath 3 point rock throw hiding in bush near the cliff by the cave entrance nomad in Dam by the pump thing.

Medic gets kicked by Nomad has 60% health boosts away from nomad towards me Nomad is messing up their group I rock throw Val into the Nomad has 10% health left when Nomad kicks her again for hitting him bye bye val. The Nomad is still up the trapper and support are at 40%ish and Assault has his shield up while nomad trys to kill him next. I kill the trapper and support and turn around and see the nomad kick the assault one last time and down him. Sometimes nomads are your friend.


I win most of my monster games thanks to armored snuffaluffagus :elephant:


armored snuffaluffagus = Armadon?


noooo canyon strider x3 jk yes an armadon


Armadons hate me… I’ve had them follow me for half of the map. Most other creatures (other than dune beetles but fuck them) will stop at 25-50m


THEY.ARE.MY.MOST.HATED.WILDLIFE ._. There so fuckin mean like who stole there…space peanuts?


They even avoid orbitals so you can’t just drop an orbital you actually have to shoot them too.


dune beetles, you know they are OP when they chase you more than 100m and can climb cliffs and avoid orbital drops :sunglasses: is there anything they cant do?


Find me while cloaked. Those are also the babies.


:scream: may the bucket lords have mercy on our souls