My friend proved me wrong today


So I always let my friend play evolve because you gotta share the love and I always considered him mediocre at best with monster.
Until today, I watched him pick behemoth and said that behemoth dies quick and he said he didnt care, but I watched him roll away get to stage 2, take out an elite crowbill, and get half armor, he then proceeded to absolutely destroy the hunters, they domed him, and the fight was 30 seconds, he destroyed them all 1 after another they fell like dominoes, he destroyed the assaults personal shield in the melees, and finished off the trapper.
He won a game in 3 minutes 32 seconds with stage 2 behemoth, no damage to health, I was seriously Impressed even if the hunter team was bad


I feel bad that you got no replies… So… Yea. Hi


I think it was because I posted it at 12 am lol


Hehe yea 10chars


Hmmm may have to give bob another chance…


Must have been some awful hunters because anyone that knows how to play can melt through half of Behemoth’s armor in a few seconds.