My Friend got a Negative Welcome


So, a friend of mine came into contact with individuals whom gave the game a bad rep.
He’s ~Lv. 20, so he’s relatively new. This is what happened.

This is a bit maddening to me, and I’d hate to lose players due to the general saltiness of players who lose to low levels.

EDIT: Video is now working! :smile:

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It says “this video does not exist” when I try to load it, you sure you’ve got the right link?


Yeah, I have the right link. It’s just being weird…
edit: Now working the video :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re kinda playing online you know. You’re bound to run into a group of asshats sooner or later. I really don’t know what do you expect from this place to tell you… there isn’t anything to say.


I understand it’s a risk, but I already spent my money on this game. Bought many skins. I’m not leaving the game just because of this. Amazing game though.


Um. Isn’t this considered public shaming?

I made a thread about having a burn list and this basically the same thing…


The game averages less than 600 players these days. The majority which remain will be hardcore elitists. Unfortunately, this means the new players trickling in will be exposed to this kind of behavior more often than not.


You’re talking PC.


After seeing their other video of how they played Goliath…

…I kinda think it was more karma biting them in the ass.

TLDR: based on their Goliath gameplay, they kinda deserved it


I liked the laz not shooting the wraith who is eating his mate :joy:

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Not quite sure I follow you here…


Please don’t encourage witch hunts :confused: While what happened to you was terrible causing a witch hunt won’t solve anything.


And that is why a reporting feature paired up with a douchebag exclusive queue would be a nice thing to have in any kind of online game.

Enough reports for being a asshat and they are off into the pit to play with like-minded players only for the next ~50 games.


Just wanted to point out that according to steamspy there’s about 50K individual Evolve players over the course of two weeks. I know you’re just talking about the average of the “playing now” thing that steam shows, but just wanted to give some food for thought about the actual size of the PC playerbase :slight_smile:


@mikeylikesit is right, this kind of thread isn’t good for the community.


Please be aware that we don’t allow publish naming/shaming on these forums. While I apologize that you had a bad incident, this is something we do not promote as a community.