My friend and I can't seem to get a game while in party


It’s pretty disappointing that my friend and I can’t seem to play together. We each bought the game for this reason. I’ve tried everything I can think of and it’s still a no go. Sure, we find a game at some point, but there seems to be a series of hoops the matchmaking jumps through for this to happen. We just spent 40 minutes trying to get a game together and the closest we came was when it dropped him and put me in the role of the monster on an evac.

Is there anything being done about the matchmaking and or party issues? I’ve googled and realized I’m not the only one having this issue. It’s a fun game and all, but at this point the experience is really being soured with these issues.

We’re room mates in the same apartment if that matters. We’re not on the same network technically. I’m plugged into the modem, he’s using a router. Also, we both INSTANTLY find games if we’re solo. Further, we have zero issues with other multiplayer games.