My five year old has taken over


my Xbox One. All Behemoth all the time. Thank God for solo custom matches.

He’s terrible. :sweat_smile:


Post videos please! Must see! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of the gameplay, that is.


If I do, it will have to be direct from my cell phone. Don’t have video capture.

ETA: Every time the hunters find him, he hands me the controller. Lol


Twitch is free on X1 and you can post your “Xbox Record That” clips easily with[Your GT Here]!


He’s like GG your turn.


I don’t have my Kinnect hooked up…


In that case, double-tap the home button and then hit X to record the last 30 seconds, or Y to take a screen shot. :smile:



10 chars


I believe we have an MLG pro in the making here. :wink:


If that ever happens, I’m demanding a DNA test so I can find out who his father is!


Double tap the guide button, snap game DVR and then select end clip now. You can choose to save the last five, three or one minuet I think. You can then share them to your onedrive account, to twitter or if you have a youtube account you can upload them directly from you youtube app. Easy peasy.