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So, i would like to start by saying hello to everyone, and say that i am so excited for evolve! But there os one question i have. I understand just about everything else in the game but this. How does the strike system work? From what i gather, Every time you go down and get revived, you get a strike, on your third strike you die. After you die you wait for the dropship to put you back in the game. What i want to know is if my thinking is accurate, and when you come back in the dropship, if you still the strikes? Also is there any way to permanetly kill a hunter? If there is anyone who will be playing on PS4 please add me, my name is michigan_ball , i have a mic and id like to play simi competitively/ causally.

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yeah you keep the strikes. you can’t permanently kill a hunter. but a stage 3 monster can kill a two strike hunter with 1-2 abilities near instantly. ( they lose % hp for each strike they have) so they offer little resistance at that point.


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As for the strike system, each time you die, you permanently loose 1/4 of your health if you are healed by anyone other than the medic. This can happen twice (capping at 50% reduction), resulting in no downed period. These penalties do persist after returning from the dropship. A hunter cannot be permanently killed - they all come back on the dropship.

As a bonus, the dropship timer starts when the first hunter dies. all other hunters who die in that window will return in the same dropship assuming there is at least one hunter left alive.


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Every time you die, or are revived from the incapped state from anyone except Lazarus, you will get a strike.

If Lazarus revives you from death before the dropship lands, you will not receive a strike.

Every time you get a strike, you lose a small portion of your overall health.

Once you are on two strikes, you will no longer go to the incapped state; you will just die.

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Also, you should post your PS4 name in here so everyone can add you


Actually, from what I understand you don’t earn the strike until you respawn seeing as how Lazarus can revive even a dead hunter. And welcome to the forums.


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