My first match with Markovs Arctic skin


So I got the Arctic skin for Markov, and was pretty excited to try it out. After 13 tries (Yes, really, 13.) Evolves wonderful matchmaking places me in the Assault role and not in the middle of a game.

After dropping in on Weather control, examining my weapons, placing a few mines on the ground to see how pretty they looked, I proceeded to go on my merry way to play with these new skins. I’m playing with Slim, Maggie, and Cabot. Needless to say, it was the perfect example of teammate screw-ups.

I end up being way ahead of the group, because I’m actually trying to cut off the monster. Eventually after managing to get the monster (Goliath btw.) in LOS and pinging, my team decides to screw following tracks and just follow me. This results in our first dome.

It goes well, the Monster tries to evade and play ring around the rosie, but I quickly caught on to his route and placed a few mines in his path. His path was in a small corridor actually, so when he met my mines he got a bar melted by a few (Not all.) and began to stumble around trying to avoid my other mines. I go in and manage to get the Lightning gun on him for a bit. By the time the dome ends, the Goliath has lost 4 bars if memory serves right.

We continue to chase after him, but my teammates go back to following him, and I have to cut him off and ping him a couple more times for the Trapper to step his game up. He goes S2 and not much worth mentioning happens. S3 is where everything goes nuts.

I find him just as he finishes evolving. Trapper, as usual was lagging behind me. He tries to dome but unfortunately the Monster escapes. Since the monster now has 60 seconds to feed without worrying of being forced to engage, I decide to go back to the relay as the Monster will likely get full armor in that 60 seconds to start setting up mines. But Trapper apparently decides to keep on going after the Monster. I’m not sure what Support and Medic were doing at the time. I think they were following Trapper, but Trapper was way ahead of them.

Trapper’s dome recharges, and he domes the monster. Completely alone. Predictably, Trapper get’s pounced and killed, and by now the Monster has full armor anyways, so Trapper’s death was pointless. Since he had full armor and the Trapper was dead, the Monster decides to attack. The second Slim goes down, me and Cabot split. Monster tries to go for the relay, but I position myself to shoot him. But unfortunately I had positioned myself badly and had no LOS of the monster.

The monster manages to get the relay to 1/3 of it’s original health I manage to get in a position where I can shoot him. I have no idea what Cabot was doing. Maggie and Slim soon drop in. Now here’s where It gets face palm worthy. Trapper domes the Monster as soon as he sees it. The monster is attacking me currently, and I jetpack up to the structures around the Relay to get to my mines, which I placed all five of them on. The dome was positioned so perfectly it creates a wall right between me and my mines, right as I walk up to one.

Inside I’m quietly crying as I beg to god that the Trapper will drop the dome so I can get to safety. But the horrible dome thankfully doesn’t result in my death, because apparently the Monster has switched targets and is now attacking the Trapper. Trapper goes down in seconds. Literally. Cabot, who was on two strikes by now tries damage amping Goliath, and I try to damage him with the Lightning gun.

Well Cabot dies in seconds too from a rock throw. So I back off. Goliath presses his attack though and comes after me. We skirmish for a bit, with me being on the defensive, trying to evade as much as possible. And then, somehow, amazingly the monster manages to knock me into the plant with the rock throw. He then hops on over to the relay to finish it off.

But then as I activate my shield to survive in the plant a bit longer Slim comes over and I sigh with relief. But then this happens.

Apparently Slim decides that this is the perfect time to farm for masteries. Assuming being in a plant is a state similar enough to being downed he spams the healing drone on me. I have shield, so my health is going up and it looks like it will work. But my shield wears off and my health starts to go down. Slim proceeds to continue using the healing drone, as I facepalm furiously.

The drop ship arrives however and I quickly take it. But then sadly the monster destroys the relay. I try to save the match with the ps4’s share feature, but unfortunately it only saves the above clip.

Needless to say, it was frustrating/weird/what the hell are my teammates doing? match.


Funny, just had a few games with a garbage assault who was getting angry because the team wasn’t playing how he wanted. Literally every fight, first thing he does is shield off the bat when the monster isn’t even attacking him. Using his flamethrower when he was out of range, missing toxic grenades every time, just in general a bad assault. After every match he would say “my team sucks derp my team sucks” to the monster player who I’m assuming was his friend, when in reality he just doesn’t know how to do damage, sad really. That’s the nature of a game that requires so much teamwork though, there’s always gonna be people who blame their mistakes on others, this is why I play monster =D