My First Match as Behemoth with Thoughts on improvement (Tips for hunters)


Behemoth is a beast.

I have been unbeaten with him, however I have found a huge weakness.
Support - Cloak and run.

If you watch this you will see, until the end of the game it was not a relatively difficult match.

Towards the end the support (Hank) is constantly cloaking and running, then stopping me from attacking power relay by bringing down Mortars. I would certainly suggest any hunters playing as support to try this tactic, as unlike Goliath, Behemoth can’t set you on fire and therefore track you when cloaked, also he is too slow to catch a cloaked support that is tricky enough.

In my opinion - Behemoth is too fast in the roll (Could slow it down by about 25%)

However we could then speed up his natural speed by maybe 10%

Boost his health by 10% and I think you would have less roll spamming, which makes hunters complain, and less complaints about his crazy slow natural speed, and that he is not as much of a tank as he should be/looks.

What do you guys think?


Slowing behemoths roll would probably be devastating to him.

Rolly polly heavy attack is getting worked on.

Apparently his health and shield will be buffed as well.

And he’s fairly fast, i dont see how people thunk he’s so slow



Sounds good that they are buffing him in some areas.

Also I guess if the roll/heavy attack is nerfed it may help the balance. I just think it is almost too easy for me to win as Behemoth now. Fair enough I have only played 4 games and won all 4, but still with Goliath I found it much harder to gain the win.


Its more of a fix than a nerf. I read that they will change it so that you can do the heavy attack out of roll once every three seconds. So it will be roll heavy attack then roll light attacks for three seconds. And roll damage will be taken out with sucks


I’d love to see a match against hunters with better synergy.

Lazerous is very hard to pull off. No Sunny+Crow+Torvald combo which wrecks right now.

Can we get a review against more traditionally overplayed hunters and see if you keep your opinion?




I’ve played against all hunters and behemoth still does well against them (not saying they’re easy). i just wish the fix for the extra damage would come out soon </3.


When you are hit with a tranq or stasis grenades, you are gonna wish that roll was the same. You ever try walking as a behemoth with a stasis on? He feels like he is trudging through tar.


Laz is absolute crap against behemoth, so his view is gonna be biased with behemoth being op.


No really, I’d love to SEE you fight some better hunters so I can absorb some of your skills :smile:

I’m not as good as I’d like at behemoth. Not sure of its a difference in platform or just plain practice.


Well its a good thing i dont record :3. Though what do you think you need more practice in? Just curious.


He’s showcasing a Youtube video here, so this is good.


Fighting against the pressure provided by Crow sunny torvald and slim. … The most over used combo on pc.


Ah ok, vids are fine then, thx😆


I don’t want to be disrespectful to your achievement of this win. But I want to see your performance compared to hunters more a threat than the ones you faced. … And defend your position vs. That threat. And if successful and exciting, I want to like the topic and learn from it. I want to see how wrong I am about my opinion of behemoth. And why I’m 1v6 win loss, and witness the behavior that will correct my current status.


This is a slightly better team…or so I thought…


Did i come off as having a perfect record with behemoth? I did only say he does well against the other hunters. I have lost a number of matches against different hunters from me being stupid or the hunters being better than me. But some have been close and very challenging to get a win. If i could get a video of some nice game play i would but i cant cause i dont know how to capture a video on ps4. Sorry if i come off rude here.


You did not. You mistake my tone as a dig at you, when really I want to believe that there is a strategy and magic pill that will transform me into a believer…

If you are having success, that’s fantastic, and thank you for sharing your victory :smile:


Ty. Still looking for more vs. different hunters :smile:


Well played again yesterday and now up to 5-0. (Was 3-0 at time of post)

Then Evolve glitched out and I got a funny clip of Behemoth in a crucifixion pose.

Will try and upload some more later against different hunters. I use slightly different strategies each time, but can’t see a loss in the near future.