My first gamemode idea


Hello friends!

I’ve been focusing more on balancing and design ideas than actual classes or gamemodes, and this is my idea for a unique one you beasties are going to love!

Okay, so the devs have stated that for now, the max amount of players on each side is 4 v 1, excluding nest mode which can grant one monster player and two goliath AIs. (One hatched, one if you are playing Evacuation and freed the previous Goliath). In this game mode idea, 2-3 monster players team up and fight waves of ai humans.

They would start out at level 1 with full armor, and killing enemies during waves would allow you to eat them in order to gain armor and evolve. The devs wouldn’t have to worry about balancing hunters with monsters in this mode because all the actual players are monsters. The ais would be generic humans with different types of weapons, increasing per wave.

I loved the survival mode in L4D, and with monsters playable here I would love to see the tables turned and have them in a final stand against waves of enemies. Imagine the alpha Kraken, Goliath, and Wraith at stage 3, full armor, fighting side by side against hordes of soldiers.

What do you guys think?


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