My first few hunter games


Yeah, definitely. I’ve been here since launch and I have some time in with every character. Just hit me up if you ever need anything. I main Medic and Monster.


Sorry! Couldn’t help myself :blush:


Haha so true :smiley:


Your a very good looking dude.


Haha i don’t know about that, but Thanks man :smile:


inb4 @Shunty complains about that thumbnail cause crow is dead


inb4 @SupportMeSunny complains cause Sunny is dead.


Rather than get stomped in Arcade, I highly recommend getting a feel for the game in Coop vs AI. Playing against a bot monster is really helpful for learning the basic flow of play and figuring out character abilities.


Crow’s not dead! He’s alive and looking for monsters to kill!

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Heroes Neveer die :wink:



Welcome to the forums!

Hope you will enjoy it here. We have lots of stuff going on and I’m sure you will fit right in.

But first, to find your way through our Shear massive space called “TRS forums”, please check the following thread:

For the rest, any of the Leaders/Moderators are always there if you need anything, just give us a shout :wink:

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Crow can’t die, so…

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Just accept that he isn’t coming back!


Crow can’t die. He’s always here.


Crow’s adaptation was either gonna be Cataclysm or Military, so… yeah, he does die. :joy:


Believe it or not hunters can actually win very easy if you have a good comp and common sense. A lot of times with randoms they don’t have access to most hunters or can only play those on the free rotation. You get a lot of messy comps that don’t jive well and will get rekt by a competent monster which usually happens 10/10 times.


I got a bit tired of Post-TRS-era EVOLVE Arcade from all the Hunters who can’t follow instructions even as I type them in big bold letters.

“CAMP RELAY!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Folks are really tip-incentivised here so any tips or questions, fire away.


I don’t really care what happens now. Actually haven’t been on the forums for ages now :confused: