My First Evolve Tournament...What Do I Do?


Hey all, I joined the upcoming community tournament that’s happening this Saturday. But I need some questions answered, namely about communication and which chats to use when. I would have posted this in the tournament mega-thread, but I made this a separate thread because I need to be able to see it without searching through a gajillion posts. Hope you understand. :slightly_smiling:

  • I heard as a Free Agent I need to be on the Battlefy chat. When do I need to be on it? Also, how do I use Battlefy chat? It seems pretty confusing…I click on the chat bubble at the top bar and it just says to start a chat with someone I type their name in. That’s it.

  • I know how to get to the Discord chat, but when do I need to be on it?

  • When do I get picked for a team as a Free Agent?

  • How does one communicate with other teams once the tournament starts regarding bans, picks, etc.?

Sorry if these questions sound noobish. It’s just this is my first online tournament…I need my hand held. I’m not scared, really. :stuck_out_tongue: but I need significant guidance.


I’ll try to answer these the best I can. I’ve been in two tournaments now, but if you really pay attention, it’s not too hard to pick up. :smile:

  1. When teams are matched, a Battlefy chat will be automatically available on the respective tournament page. It will look like this: / This is mostly used by Team Captains to communicate the bans and match progress, but it’s good for everyone to know what’s going on.
  • It’s good to be on it for the duration of the tournament, or at least check in between your team’s matches. This is where the tournament organizers will be communicating with the teams, so if something important is said, you’ll want to be there to see it. Definitely be have it open while the teams and brackets are being set up.

  • After check-in ends at 10:00pm Pacific, the organizers will start sorting all free agents into teams. It can take up to 10 minutes or longer, so you will have to bare with them. Once everyone is sorted, brackets are put up and the tournament starts.

  • Answered in #1 - Battlefy chat! Edit: Bans are done in Battlefy chat, but picks are communicated in the in-game lobby between the Hunters and their opponent monster.


Can you just sign up and be on a free agent team? That’s awesome I kinda wanna do that now


Yes you can, but it’s not all automatic. You’ll have to get into contact with your assigned team yourself.


Oh well that’s to much effort screw it


Unfortunately due to work obligations I need to sit out this upcoming tournament. :frowning: Are there any others coming up for the PC platform?


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