My first Evolve spotlight video


This is my first Evolve Spotlight video that explains Val’s basic functions and some small advice on how to play her. I would love some criticism on what I should do to improve.

EDIT: Now all of the 1st tier hunters are here!


awesome vid no criticisim at all and when will the next one be released also will you be doing all charaters such as Cabot Abe ECT ar just the first set of hunters like val Maggie ECT :smile:


I plan to create ones for each tier of hunters and monsters. So, eventually when new content comes out, I can have enough time to spotlight those releases a few days prior.


ok thanks :smile:


The video production, ‘script’, pacing, etc were all very good! Kudos.

My only criticism would be audio. Is it a headset or cheaper stand mic you are using? Sounds a bit tinny/thin and some crackle/warble in there too. For me personally it’s a touch distracting.

Edit: listened again, kind of need a ‘pop filter’, and maybe the mic back from your mouth a touch.

Still, very impressed, great work!


I’m investing in a pop-filter when I get my next paycheck. :smile: The hard “S” sounds are due to my Disastema, and fixing it could cost me a good $500 and multiple trips to an orthodontist.

I’m using an AT2020 USB, so I think the pop-filter will fix the crackle. Some of it was also due to having to stop recording time to time due to mess-ups and then pasting it all together in Audacity. I might need to mess with some of the editing tools in audacity to improve the quality.

Thanks for telling me about the crackle, though.


Understood - didn’t notice the hard “S” so much (fellow Disastemaien here - yes, I made that word up :wink: ).

Based on what you said, a pop-filter and some EQ work should be fine. Again, as a whole, it was very well done and certainly a great start to a series we could/should point new folks to at some point.


I’m finishing up a Maggie/Daisy spotlight with some adjustments against the Val video. Still no pop-filter, but I think it’s a better quality than Val’s spotlight.

I’m currently looking up Audacity guides to improve the overall sound quality in the finished video :blush: Will post on the OP when done.


Edited, updated, and now I have all the 1st tier of hunters!


^ I agree with what was said above about the audio

Other than that, good presentation! Well done :+1: