My first drawn game!


I was playing with my team today and the wraith was one V one with parnell and they both died with distortion and a parnell’s rocket !!!

and drawn game !!!

i never saw that before


Fun fact- the first ever draw in Evolve was last year in an expo/event thingy. Wow, that’s almost a full year ago now! Time flies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the devs thought it was impossible to draw, and they didn’t implement anything for it. The game crashed. :stuck_out_tongue:


my friend upload it!


Draw is too op for the game so it crashed it but got nerfed with black font on red line XD


Yeah wasn’t that when the bucket sentries killed kraken while bucket died at the same time?


Welcome to the draw club, where our population probably hasn’t even hit 500 yet.


I’ve only had 1 draw it was Markov vs Goliath 1v1 the hype was real when the match was over. We were all astonished I think that was during the beta.