My first computer


So I just received an early Christmas present from my parents who see I want to become a game developer one day(for TRS one day :blush:) so they decided to invest in me so that I may jump-start my profession with my very first computer.

I am so freaking excited and this is the very computer I am typing from right now. I set it up so fast as soon as I got it. Now time to learn how to program and work my way through college :smile:


…that PC is yours?


Yes sir :blush:






Don’t know them by heart yet but this is the description of what is under the hood.

“New. Liquid-cooled. Overclocked: The Alienware Area-51 ushers in a new era of performance with Windows 8.1 and 6-core or 8-core Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor options that come factory overclocked and made possible with the new Intel® X99 Express chipset and 2133Mhz DDR4 memory — up to 32GB in quad channel. Do insane, intensive multitasking like rendering video or extreme performance 4K gaming at your leisure.”




Will look up the model seeing as it’s a prebuilt.



Do you know how much it was? There are several configurations for the model.


That being said, even if it was the cheapest (least powerful) model, it’s still a fucking powerhouse. o.O


Around 3k or more.


That’s all of them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah…Soooo jealous right now. :wink:


Very nice! Do you know much in the way of coding already or are you still at the start of your journey?


Holy shit that’s some pretty serious power right there. If yours is that picture then you have triple SLI which is absolutely mental.
Are you going to try a bit of Evolve with kb+mouse?


Damn. That’s SOOOO much better than mine. Mine was pre-built as well (worst mistake ever), but the site that was selling it was dumb as hell and built it so that I have to spend more money just to play modern games. My PSU provides 350w. Pretty cheap. Weak, but cheap. My graphics card’s minimum requirement is 400w.

On the topic of designing games, best of luck. It’s my chosen career path, as well. Best of luck!


I am at the start but slowly finishing my time in EasyC then working my way up.


Yep and I can’t wait :smile:


Wow I bet that cost many moneys. Hope it drives you to success!


Awesome. Always nice to have some more pc players. I’m sure we can sort out some teams to play you when you want to try that.
Good luck with the programming :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Seriously looking forward to it!!