My Fellow Goliaths!


We have a challenge bestowed upon us from the gods of our realms themselves! They want us to squish those puny humans with our boulders of power! They want us to crush their fighting spirit with ranged trajectory!!! Then my fellow beasts, we shall unleash our power and dominate the human threat from our mission of conquest upon this planet! We have a million boulders to land, but with our numbers and power, we shall overcome this challenge! When we complete this challenge, the gods will reward us with a new breed of children to fight for our future generations! HA ZAH!!!


My albino Goliath will be reigning down boulders this weekend.


My Savage Goliath shall lead the 1st squardron. Good luck with yours my solider salute


I don’t usually play Goliath, and I don’t care for his skin. But I’ll play him to help the community get it.


Sadly, I have become a Wraith main.

Good luck.

And it’s squadron, not squadrin. :frowning:


gg easy. tier 4 wont know what hitm.


I was born for this. I was born ready for this. They shall feel my wrath.


I salute you salute


…Oh whatever, fine. I cannot resist the call fo the Goliath.

Many Hunters shall be rocked for this challenge. :goliath_roar:


Same, when I play goliath all I ever do is get a strike and run like a wraith, but do to reason I felt horrible for using wraith. Things are gonna change now though.


I always used to feel guilty using her because people hated her, but now that she’s weaker than the norm they have no excuse for complaining.


… I feel an entry for THE LIST coming on…


Oh sweet lord no, please no. Stahp. Dun do it.


What are we talking about here? ^.-
Not sure I follow.


Too late, already entered into the draft~

Thank you, I needed some more material!

@Shin The List of Things I’m Not Allowed To Do In Evolve


Our boulders shall blot out the sun! :goliath_roar:


Oh, I know now. ^.^


What sun? All I see is a bunch of rocks.

@Quirkly is not amused.


Then they shall fight in the-… Hmm, not exactly sure what to call it. Can’t exactly “fight” when you’re buried under a mountain.

And that reminds me, I still need to look up The Fly.


Whatchu sayin bout the sun, son?