My Fellow Gamers OR How To Get A Grip


I missed the initial T4 release by a few hours and admittedly have spent less time using the new hunters and Behemoth than some but while I was unable to play I searched the net for people’s impressions of the new content.

Instead what I found was a pile of my community whining like children about things like the voice of Sunny.


And the people that bitch about things like this are the same ones that think the non-gamers are douchebags for saying We (gamers) are immature asshats. You see the irony here?

And while I fully expect that one (likely more) of the hate filled ill-bred knobs will post a scathing critique of my word choice or something about my mother, I think it’s important to point out a few things to the more enlightened souls searching for some relevant information about the new content.

For clarity I am speaking about the Xbox One version. Here we go.

Behemoth is a beast and seems like he can take a 50 megaton nuke directly up the butt and poop rainbows. Unfortunately, not true. My first round out my armor was gone within seconds. By which I mean there is no extra damage resistance. I had to adjust my strategy and I now find Behemoth to be one the most rounded out Monsters.

Slim. Why the hate? Because he’s an insect? I dunno. I can’t overstate his usefulness in Rescue missions. The spore gun saved my team more than once. Leech gun. Well that one could cause hate from Monster players as it turns Slim into a healing machine.

Sunny is great fun as it adds a much needed female presence in a position that isn’t picking the Alpha male types off the ground and kissing their boo-boos better (P.S. I’m male. Shut up right there.) and a spark of glee into the otherwise sociopathic team of hunters. Her nukes are highly damaging but hardly an unfair advantage as the fire rate is slow and the damage fall off is steep. The jetpack charger is cool and my only qualm with her gear as I haven’t found a lot of use for it with the players I’ve been partnered with. The shield bot animation is amazing and it itself is great for CQB. Again not an unfair advantage as it has limited range and only shields one player at a time. And sometimes doesn’t shield them fast enough.

Crow is probably my favourite of the new hunters as he is an amalgam of Abe and Maggie without the restrictions of the dart gun or the advantage of a bot driven tracking trap jaw. Gobi is a great addition as the ability is multipurpose. The kinetic long gun could do a little more damage when rapid fired (my opinion) and the stasis cannon removes the static placement of Abe’s grenades while adding a difficulty level to nailing a Monster proper.

Torvald is easily the most eerie character of the bunch. But with the lore and weapons it seems like a perfect fit. His weapons are such that you are effective at almost any range and have an almost Support quality when used properly.

So in short, well done with the new additions TRS.

As for the complaints, I can only assume that in a past life they were the type of person that would burn someone at the stake for suggesting the earth wasn’t flat.

New is good. Don’t panic.

[EDIT: I wrote this on my new phone and it hasn’t learned very much from my writing yet. Apologies for any typos.]


I love this post. Thank you, sir!


That last sentence killed me
Comedy gold my friend you

Have 10 internet’s my good fellow


So many internets…


You, my good chap, are most welcome.


Too many internets. :slight_smile:

I love all of the Tier 4 Hunters and how they mix things up. They’re damage output is a little over the top, but to be honest, even if nothing was done about it (which is not true) I couldn’t care less.

I feel your pain.

And if you think it’s bad now…you should’ve seen it before. So. Many. Tier. Four. Threads. My merging and closing buttons died that day.


People are screaming “over powered” but they’re probably the same people that thought the Wraith was fine as she was.

Side note: GREATLY enjoyed taking on a Wraith with T4 hunters. Finally felt like a real fight.


I imagine people will calm down about it later. I’m fine with Sunny’s voice. Bat a few adjustments, they aren’t very OP either. I see many of my friends talking about how they are taking down Tier 4 pretty easily.


Approved. 10/10. Will read again.


Well spoken you have! May the force be with you.


I love the new hunters
sunny is annoying is all the best ways gives me a good laugh when she speaks and I love the shield generator which auto activates on whoever is taking damage
Crow is just boss with his armor made out of animal hyde and pet bat thing also the conversations he has with Torvald is just manly as hell
Slim is another character who makes me laugh with his sarcastic sence of humor and the voice actor is perfect also I love the healing drone because it just makes life easier
And last but not least Torvald… space viking enough said


There not perfect
But not impossible
Although screw spore cloud lol
Love slim though so confused. Right now
Torvald seems harsh until you realise to listen for his mortars
And gobi I haven’t figured out yet
Damn batray


You must have missed the worthwhile discussion threads, but it’s not your fault, they were buried under a sea of noobish whining, presumptive OP threads, and people bitching about any little detail that isn’t exactly as they wanted it. Most people are enjoying T4 & Behemoth, even with the little problems that need to be ironed out.


Ugh can’t stand “OP” and “nerf!” I feel like the general gamer base fucks up so many games. So glad someone has a similar opinion. I thought I might have been too much of a dick, but clearly I’m not the only one. I feel like devs can’t say no because it would be a PR nightmare for them.

And the tier 4 hunters are indeed awesome. And focusing on content than aesthetics, Sunny’s a textbook support, and I personally always use the jetpack booster. I’ll get on a high ledges and stay on hunters that are in close with the monster. And since the battery doesn’t drain when they’re not using it, you can just hold it on them instead of trying to predict an attack and on who.

Slim, as you said, a complete machine! I spam the spore cloud haha. Drone isn’t as crazy as I thought, but still awesome!

Crow, I like how he’s a recluse, living off the land (Sorry to list aesthetic, just came out haha). But Stasis gun, a very skilled piece of equipment. Makes you feel like you would need to be a very good shot to survive on your own in Shear. I also like how there is more skill needed for some of these better characters (Sunny, Parnell, Griffin, Torvald) where the attack doesn’t just home some what when you aim near.

Torvald is just awesome! His mortars are tricky to land max damage on, but when it does, whoo!! What a hit! His shrapnel grenade makes him also feel more support-ish which is new and very interesting.

And Behemoth, wow! Definitely not a rock 'em sock 'em character like Goliath. And I think that’s part of the problem. Most,like myself when I first played him. Just melted away like phlegm on a hot sidewalk. He somewhat relates to the Wraith in my opinion. He brings the fight to him. And I thinks that’s just awesome in a tank such as him. And even I’M surprised no one has bashed you hahah. Probably because it’s the truth.


Full of whiners, entitled whiners. Nice post, nice to see someone telling it like it is.


The orange landmarks or islands on the mini map are your anti Gobi barriers