My feet are bleeding


I just wanted to take the time to complain about the fact that my feet are bleeding from walking six miles in loafers, and getting into a fight with a fucking crack head by the local bank.

I feel accomplished, in a strange way.


Did u fuck him up?


I had to get stiches on the inside of my foot because I walked by some glass and it just opened up. The worst part was that I had to get the shot directly in the open wound -.- I also landed on a large couch cushion pin screw. It got stuck in the bone. That fing sucked:frowning: (


Ffffff… owwww. D:


I thought you were going to make a joke about chasing a flee til three monster, or being hounded by the chase comps.

Crackheads are never fun. That sucks.


He’s my best friends ex boyfriend.


Fuck yeah. He only got one hit off on me.


I wish ida been there with my phone, well make an h-list celebrity out of you yet


Have this virtual high five! Good Job handling yourself .


Maaan just last month we had to walk home at 11.30pm from the movies in town back to our little village to get home because the busses weren’t running. It was so cold and it got to the point where my feet had been rubbing against the soles so hard that the ball of my foot had split open… So… Painful…


Val would be very proud. wink


Wow, real world problems. Lol


I was once on a shore of a lake.
I cut my foot on a rock.
The numbing medicine hurt worst than the stitches. :stuck_out_tongue:


How does this work? It’s supposed to make it not hurt .-.


Make it not hurt as bad.
Doesn’t quite work on the bottom of your foot. :stuck_out_tongue:




Right, where exactly were you walking to? O.o Narnia?


FTFY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess… Gollum wanted your ring?



Already not happening. Nope. 100% would have called someone or stayed at the theater.