My Feedback on the Wraith (Not about OP or not)


So, i’ve been playing this whole weekend pretty much non-stop (also played some during the beta)
First things first though, i’ve really not been playing this game very long, unlike many others that might be more experienced than me, so this will obviously only be my take on things.

Also, this thread isn’t about whether Wraith is OP or not, but simply about her design and what i think are flaws in this design and maybe some feedback on what might be apropiate changes.

So with this out of the way…

When i think Wraith and her concept i think sneaky; Hit-and-Run; Assassin.
She has the tools to be exactly that.
Using Abduct to single out enemies and then activate Supernova to quickly burst down your enemy, maybe use Warp Blast to put some hurt on the Hunters that will try to help the now downed Victim.
After that you should reposition for another ambush or just flee using decoy.

That’s what i would like to see anyway.
However, and i think most people will also know this by now, most Wraiths simply run away all game using the shear amount of mobility she has to escape the hunters and their domes.
Should a wraith somehow be captured, she will most likely just pop supernova and decoy and hide…

And i believe that is the core problem with wraith.
Decoy and Supernova.
Since Decoy actually deals damage, Wraith doesnt even have to do anything in the fight, while simply hiding somehwere.
This gets even worse since Decoy gets buffed by Supernova, making it an extremely safe and extremely strong combo.

I think Assassins should be High Risk High Reward - Assassins should create situations where they can single out a hunter and take them out while seperated.
Instead they just pop Decoy+Nova to dish out high damage with zero risk.

However, i do not think nerfing Wraith outright would be a good idea, instead i would suggest a shift in power.
Personally i believe the problem with wraith stems from the decoy (+nova) combo, while abduct and warp blast feel less satisfying.

My Feedback/Suggestions on the Abilities:


  • Greatly reduce the damage Decoy deals - it should be used for confusing the enemy, repositioning and setting up ambushes, not for the damage
    It should however retain a bit of damage, so hunters cannot outright ignore it


  • Works great for the most part, enables quick execution of single targets
  • Might be too effective at dealing multitarget damage (though that would be the hnters own fault)
  • Not sure if it should work with decoy at all (again decoy shouldn’t be about damage), also this would keep players from “wasting” Nova for just the Decoy, so they will have it available for the actual execution

So these were the skills we want to take some Power off, so we can give them to the following, since they are rarely used:

Warp Blast: (barely see this being used, other than for general mobility and escaping the dome)

  • The Damage feels good the way it is, however (this might just be me being bad) i get the feeling it is too easy to avoid -> slight increase in explosion radius


  • The range is too low on early levels, which makes early engages/assassinations very very risky with barely any reward -> increase level 1/2 range but keep level 3 range the same
  • Hitting the ability can be very finicky, either because Wraith somehow gets stuck on something on the way in, or because it, despite visually hitting the target and actually dealing damage, doesnt actually abduct the target (bugfixes)
  • While Level 3 Abduct has great range, it is fairly hard to actually land, for one because of the travel speed (which is fine imo) and two, more importantly the lack of some kind of “zoom”
    I think a slight zoom while holding down the ability button might help with high distance Abducts.
  • The damage is a little low for a single target ability that can be fairly hard to land
    I suggest increasing the damage outright, or make the damage scale with the distance the hunter is being pulled -> think wraith gnawing on the hunter on the way back - more time, more munching, more damage :smiley:

Okay, i just wanted to share my thought about this for some time now and i hope this isn’t just a incoherent wall of text, so i’ll add a little…


I think Wraiths image should be that of a sneaky assassin, due to the power of the Decoy + Nova combo however she is just about running, hiding and letting her decoy do all the fighting, then some more hiding and running.
SO in turn i don’t suggest any outright nerfs, but instead a shift in her power.
Since (imo) decoy shouldn’t be used for the damage, power (aka damage) should especially be taken from this ability to increase the power of Warp Blast and especially Abduct.

Abduct should be one of Novas signature moves for setting up assassinations and ambushes, while decoy should be used for the repositioning and confusion, not a safe “set and forget”-free damage ability.
Supernova is mostly fine how it is, it enables fast assassinations of targets, but due to the decoy+nova combo is basically just used for out in the open.

(for my suggestions please take a look at the actualy Feedback section of my Post :smile:)

Anyway, i hope i could somewhat portray my thoughts and feedback about Wraith in this post and hope to hear what some of you think of my suggestions, or about wraith in general - however, again this isn’t about Wraith OP or not, but simply about her Image of being an Assassin doesn’t quite work right now^^

Before i’ll keep on babbling - Thanks for reading! =)


I’m only commenting on one part because it’s the one that I hear most often. Just know this is not directed at you in any way, just this school of thought.

If you decrease the decoy damage it loses its effectiveness.

If it goes from threat to nuisance then it needs to be balanced again and allow the wraith to use it as an escape option again. Which everyone complained about in the beta.

Otherwise Hunters will simply run past in the direction the wraith took off.

I’m no pro player but I think people are too hard on that single ability and use it as a scape goat.


i don’t want the decoy to just be ignored either, but right now it deals just as much damage as the wraith (if not more?) while being invulnerable and enables the wraith to just hide all the time even while domed, which is just very unfun to play against
Also Decoy is still being used as an escape-move so there’s that

Another idea to reduce it’s effectiveness at hiding/running might be to increase it’s coolddown, but have it reduced if Wraith attacks an enemy - which would reward hit and run tactics :smile:

I do appreciate your feedback though!