My favorite programming type. procedural


I have been many things, a coder for a bit and I can say I love Procedural Coding.

I was first introduced to it way way back… in a time they call the 90’s

The first example that really impressed me was a 64kb file running and creating a FPS on the fly all the while actually giving real strong performance.

now time has passed and I find out that “No mans sky” is a procedural generated game…

and to me… thats just awesome.


just wait when u find out it is as bad as in 90s without improvement :^)
spore downgrade


Your kidding right, because back then… its was frantastic … I would of hoped the community kept driving that forward…


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Procedural programming is not the same as procedural videogame world generation.

Procedural programming is a method of writing code in a literal step by step order. First you tell the program to load, then to initialize, then to do this, then to do that, etc.

It is the opposite of object-oriented programming where you use objects for executing different actions. You’d have different methods defined for loading, initializing, etc. It’s up to you when to tell the program to execute them and what the content of said methods is.

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As a self taught programmer, I have no flippin idea what are you guys talking about (other than the generate and oms part ofc).


They are talking about java script targeted to receive telemetry data from you and then attack you based on them.


You are confusing procedural generation with procedural programming.In fact,procedural generation is probably done with objective programming in nms


I fail to see OO programming as an opposite of procedural. They are different paradigms right, and shape how you organize code. But when executed it’s not that different. It’s just the compiler/interpreter doing more work for you.
Better opposites of procedural programming would be functionnal programming, logical programming, and so on…


all programming is logical.


So many of you playing…


My mind is blown…


Logic programming is good at solving problems, and also it makes the code easily verifiable to be bug free. That’s why it’s often used in critical systems like vehicle control or weapons. That’s a niche as you can’t reasonably make all kind of programs with this paradigm.
Basically you have to describe the problem with it’s rules and all you know about it. And the language will solve it. Whereas in imperative programming (procedural etc…) you make the problem solving algorithm on your own.


Everything has a place, and procedural generation in games only works for some games while other games need the consistency static elements bring. I also hate that it’s called procedural generation because of the above comment about procedural programming. Can’t we just call it what it is? Pseudo-random generation with constraints.


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