My Favorite Experience from College


Before I start, some people were asking me about my timeline and I told them everything, from programming on an Atari 800 tape system when I was 7 though college. During this conversation I told them of one of the few really special times in the school. It is fresh in my memory atm and I would like to share. (I had a blast)

The school had taken notice of how I don’t think like other people through everything I did… then one day my critical thinking teacher came up to me privately and requested something…

“We made a class around how you think and we want you in it to influence the other students” he said.

“That sounds really fun, sure!” I replied…

Then the 1st day happened. All the student walk into the penthouse. Getting there we take a stairs up 2 flights to the door. We all walked into the prep meeting room waiting for the penthouse to be unlocked. The door opened and we all walked in…

The room had a line of horizontal chairs that spanned the length of the room… all the students were on one side and the teachers were on the other. Then John M. (an ex FBI agent for a critical thinking teacher said)

"Each Student must make it from one side past the chairs and each student must do it differently than any other student. "

He looked to me and called my name and said " Why don’t you go 1st?"

I replied “No, I would like to go last.”

One by one 37 students crossed from one side of the room to the next using every new possible way they could that hadn’t been used until all that was left was me…

I said " I can make it over 2 ways, may I do both?"

“Sure! go for it” John replied.

I walked up to the line of chairs… The three people behind making the class were watching… (head of animation dept, head of school and the fbi thinker)… I slowly walked up to the chairs and looked at the entire range of peers and teachers on the other side.

“Everyone went through in a truly unique way and I don’t think I can do this, I cant do this without your help. See we are going into a field that is team based and we need to rely on each other in order to succeed and create new standards and improve on the ones already set…”

I held up my arms and continued “Please, I ask of you… If you believe in what I say and can see a fellow peer in need… I ask, please remove the chairs for me.” 3 Students came over, picked up the chairs and moved them out of my way… I passed through, shook their hands and made it to the other side.

Then John looks to me curiously and states “You said you had two ways, what is your 2nd?”

I walked back to the other side, and I said “just one moment… I will brb”

I left the room, leaving the class behind… a short time later they heard “BING” and the elevator doors behind them in the room opens up and I walked out.

I hope you enjoyed one of my favorite moments in college.


If I had an experience like that in college, that one experience alone would have made up for four years of drudgery. Sounds like you got a great place to experience new things.


You know, it felt really good having the school look at me like that and always being watched for what i might do next… I really did enjoy my time there with all my peers.

Thank you for your observation.