My fastest time for killing the monster


So I was playing with some friends on Evacuation and honestly I think we out did ourselves on our communication, teamwork and just the overall gameplay. Anyone else have stories or what your best time was at killing the monster or killing the hunters?

Fastest Monster Kill Ever


why is this under the bugs category?


Fastest Hunter killed 1:21 (41 seconds)


If you watch the video you see the reason very quickly on why it is under the bug category.


That was fuuuuuuuudged.

What do you think happened?



drowns in acid pool


Gonna just leave this here.


I’ve had a game happen where the monster died even before we were on the dropship


Space magic!


Indeed. What platform(s)? This is craaaaaazy that I’m only hearing about 8 seconds or less matches now! Huuuuuge bug!


Never had that happen. Heard some other people talk about it before but my fastest legitimate kill was as a monster and I think it was around 1:45 or something.


I am playing on the Xbox One and it only occured in Evacuation like most of the glitches.


I killed a hunter team in 54 seconds.


Some medics i know XD


Its the E-Cig.


Dang that is quick!


Great job, was a skillful takedown. That Laz gameplay though… The monster didn’t even see him before he died.


Ya I know I did not know how BS that Laz buff he got now he gets a healing gun and his gauntlets all well who needs teamwork when you have the power of Osiris!



Fastest Hunters killed 1:18 (38 seconds) picture to come


This happened to me once :’( I was stupid and tried to down a tyrant off the bat.

Wait wha?